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iRocker Nautical 10’6” 2021

iRocker set out to create a board that would be inaccessible to more people because of the lower price point, but in the process, released an excellent board at an incredible price (for what you get) and even made some friends along the way. In fact, the 2020 Nautical made it on our list for the best value paddleboard on the market of that year.

With their 2021 model, we wanted to see if they were looking to start and cut any corners or make any other changes.


Just by doing a quick look at the specs of this board, you would guess that it’s pretty much your standard all-around bored. And you know what, you just about right! A 10-foot 6-inch board at 32 inches wide is the exact measurement we would picture if you were to ask for a standard board of this type. However, it does have a few features that make it stand out a bit. read more

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iRocker Sport 11′ X 31″ 2021

The 2021 iRocker Sport is designed to be a force to be reckoned with on the water. It’s thin, it’s sleek, and has a number of features designed to keep you at your peak. We love these kinds of boards because when we first started using inflatable paddle boards years ago, these were nothing more than glorified toys. But as the years go by and companies like iRocker really took their design seriously, it’s incredible to see what you can do with them!

As we’re talking about the 2021 iRocker Sport, we’re going to be focusing on a simple question: should you buy it? We’re going to be looking from the viewpoint of someone who may have never owned a paddleboard before, maybe looking to upgrade to get a more performance-driven model, or even someone who may have an older model of the Sport who is looking to purchase the most modern version. read more

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iRocker All-Around 10” 2021

In general, iRocker is a master of all-around boards. Even their boards that have more specialized use are really useful in most if not all water conditions and types of activities. Of course, the 2021 iRocker 10’All Around is specifically made for just about any type of activity.

Essentially, this is the spitting image of the other iRockerAll Around but for a smaller paddleboarder. Even if you look at the marketing on their website, you can see that iRocker designed this with women and older children in mind. read more

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iRocker All-Around 11’ 2021

If you know anything about who we are, you know that we get our hands on a lot of paddleboards. And in all that time, we have never been disappointed by what this brand has to offer. Not only do they have good quality construction and materials, but the thought that goes into their products is something that’s very rare to find in any industry, let alone this one.

Of course, though, in this article, we’ll be specifically talking about the 2021 iRocker 11’All Around inflatable paddleboard. This has been one of our favorites throughout the history of our publication but who exactly would benefit the most from this board and is the 2021 model worth it? These are two questions that will help to answer for you to make the best decision in your first I saw purchase or if you’re looking to upgrade. read more

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iRocker SPORT 11′ Reviews 2020

The iRocker Sport is certainly faster than its peers but still is able to used for as a general purpose board as well. Keep in mind that it’s not the most stable board out there and is not recommended for beginners until they’ve gained their footing on a more standard board. Perhaps the ideal user for this board would be someone who has some experience under their belt and wants to go to the next level or someone who wants to eventually transition into a true racing iSUP.

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ISLE Scout SUP Boards Review 2020

With this year’s Isle Scout, we have some mixed feelings. On the one hand, the 2019 was one of our favorite iSUPs for yoga — especially when you factor in the price. The 2020 model isn’t as ideal of a yoga board, but it is much more useful as an all-around iSUP.

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iRocker All-Around 11’

iRocker’s new construction this year combines the best of both worlds by using a stronger drop stitch core while still having 3 layers of military grade PVC on the outside to protect the board. This creates a strong board that can withstand the elements while still finding a way to keep the weight down. This isn’t the lightest 11’ iSUP on the market but probably the strongest, pound for pound.

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Bote Traveller Aero

Compared to many of its sister SUPs, the Traveller Aero has a lot less going on both on and around the deck. For all intents and purposes, this is one of the most “normal” Bote iSUP after the Breeze Aero, though with a few extras.

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Bote HD Aero

While you’d normally expect to see an EVA foam pad on an iSUP deck, here you have a BVA foam pad which Bote says is better for getting rid of any water that finds itself on the deck. Whether or not that actually true, we’re not sure, though it is super comfy.

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Bote Flood Aero

Bote’s Flood Aero comes in 1 of 4 design packages. Native Floral has strong Hawaiian vibe with a faux wood top with flowers on the nose. Full Trax Lime is exactly what is says it is — stripes along the deck with lime green accents. Native Serape takes inspiration from Southern Western native American color schemes along the nose and a striped deck. The last option is called Full Trax Navy which is exactly like the Lime except the accents are in — you guessed it — navy blue

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