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Atoll Board Co. 11’ Limited Edition Desert Sand Inflatable Paddle Board Review (iSUP Review 2020)

We really like how convenient the upgrades are in this limited edition paddle board from Atoll. They have incorporated all necessary features into it without going overboard.

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iROCKER Paddle Boards Compared

NAUTICAL 10'6" iROCKER-Nautical-106-Blue-SUP-thumb-1.png All-Around SUP
19.5 lbs
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NAUTICAL 11'6" iROCKER-Nautical-116-Aqua-SUP-thumb.png All-Around SUP
22 lbs
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iROCKER CRUISER 10'6" iRocker-Cruiser-106-Teal-SUP-thumb.png All-Around SUP
26 lbs
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iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10' iRocker-All-Around-10-Coral-Paddleboard-thumb.png All-Around SUP
24 lbs
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iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11' iRocker-All-Around-11-Green-Paddle-Board-thumb.png All-Around SUP
27 lbs
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iROCKER SPORT 11' iRocker-Sport-11-Grey-Paddle-Board-thumb.png Performance SUP
26 lbs
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BLACKFIN Model X iRocker-Blackfin-Model-X-ISUP-thumb.png Premium All-Around SUP
25 lbs
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BLACKFIN Model XL iRocker-Blackfin-Model-XL-Paddleboard-thumb.png Premium All-Around SUP
27 lbs
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BLACKFIN Model V iRocker-Blackfin-Model-V-White-SUP-thumb.png Premium Touring SUP
30 lbs
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Common iROCKER SUP Questions

Absolutely. iROCKER SUP is an international company with online stores and local support in a number of locations around the world. To buy a NAUTICAL, iROCKER or BLACKFIN SUP board, just click here and you’ll be redirected to the nearest online store for your region.

iROCKER SUP makes some of the most durable inflatable paddle boards on the market today. All of their boards feature a high-quality drop-stitch core, multiple layers of bombproof PVC, and top-shelf hardware. Also, every iROCKER and BLACKFIN SUP board is covered by a rock-solid 2-year warranty (NAUTICAL boards carry a 1-year warranty) that covers you in the event of a manufacturing defect and you’ll also have 60 days to check the board out risk-free. If well-cared for, your iROCKER paddle board should last for many years.

Deflating your iROCKER inflatable SUP is quick and easy. Simply unscrew the valve cover, press down the valve stem until you hear a gush of air escaping, and then turn it 1/4 turn to the left. That will lock the stem in the open position and allow the air in your board to be released. Once most of the air is out, you can roll the board from the nose to push out any remaining air, before pushing the inflation pin down, rotating 1/4 turn to the right, and screwing the valve cover back on.

We like to fold the board from the tail as it allows you to work around the fin boxes. Simply fold the tail over so the fin boxes are facing up, then fold the center fin back over the side fins, and finish folding to the nose.

Performing an iSUP repair is typically an easy DIY job and we recommend Clifton Urethane Adhesive.

BLACKFIN SUP is the company’s premium inflatable paddle board range and it offers paddlers additional features and an improved SUP accessory bundle. The NAUTICAL line was added in 2020 as an entry-level range for beginners and cost-conscious paddlers who wanted a quality board on a budget.

All iROCKER and BLACKFIN iSUPs weigh between 24 and 27 pounds.

When the time comes to store your board away for the wintertime, just pack it up and stash it away in a closet, under your bed, or in your garage. Also, make sure that the board is completely dry before packing it up for long-term storage.

Where to Buy iROCKER Inflatable SUPs

United States

If you’re looking for the best deal on an iROCKER SUP, we recommend ordering your paddleboard directly from the company through the official iROCKER online store. iROCKER offers fast, free shipping, the lowest prices, and no sales tax unless it’s required by your state.


iROCKER also has one of the most extensive reaches of any iSUP brand to sales, support, and warranty repair internationally. They have online stores for the following countries (the links should automatically redirect to your country site):

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