ISLE Voyager SUP Review 2020

With all the emphasis on inflatable paddleboards these days, sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics and take a look at hardboards. In the world of hardboards, one type reigns supreme: wood boards.

ISLE Scout SUP Boards Review 2020

With this year’s Isle Scout, we have some mixed feelings. On the one hand, the 2019 was one of our favorite iSUPs for yoga — especially when you factor in the price. The 2020 model isn’t as ideal of a yoga board, but it is much more useful as an all-around iSUP.

ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews 2020

The process of upgrading and improving their lineup, ISLE decided to switch things up on us. Just as 10’6 is considered the standard length, 32” is considered the standard width. Previous Pioneer models came in at a slim 31” inches while this year’s model comes in at a hefty 34”. It looks like we’re not the only ones that added a few inches during the first half of 2020!

ISLE Explorer

Touring boards can be tricky to classify since they are typically fast yet comfortable, something that is a perfect combination if you plan to be traveling for a long period of time. With the ISLE Explorer, you have an iSUP that technically an all-around board but works great when touring as well, making it a hybrid.


While not impossible, it can be difficult to find a decent iSUP for under $500. But if we’ve said it once, we said it a thousand times: paddleboarding shouldn’t be a sport just for people with money. We firmly believe that even if you need to save up a little bit, buying a quality iSUP shouldn’t send you to the poor house.

GILI 10’6 Komodo

Despite being a great iSUP brand, GILI doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. Along with a few other brands such as iRocker and THURSO, they lie in that sweet spot of mid-tier boards that give the consumer a bang for their buck.

Peak 10’ Yoga Fitness Paddle Board

No board can be perfect for every purpose and person, there are specialty boards made like this Peak 10’ Yoga Fitness paddle board. Stability if the name of the game here, giving the user the ability to do what they want to do without easily falling into the water.

Peak 11 Expedition SUP

The Expedition is also a very comfortable board which is an important factor in a touring board since they’re designed to be used for multiple hours or even multiple days at a time. With the design of the board plus multiple available colors, no matter where you find yourself you can always be sure that you’ll have one of the sharpest looking SUPs in the water.