Our List Of The Best Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUPs)

Going to the beach and you don’t have paddle board, that’s not fair. How can you enjoy the fun of waves of the sea without paddling? If you are a beginner then this article is especially for you. Maybe you are one of those who don’t know which is the best inflatable paddle board in 2020. Believe us, it is a really hard question to answer.

Paddle boarding is something that a lot of people do for a lot of different reasons. For example, some people go out for a couple of hours and some for a couple of days. Some people use it for racing and some for just enjoying their time. Some people are smart and some are fat. So there are different people with different purposes.

But it is an iSUP review page, so the least we can do is give a list of the top general boards out there. Keep in mind that none of these are specialized boards and fall into the category of all-around boards.

Best Inflatable Paddle Board 2020

1). iRocker Cruiser Inflatable Paddle Board

This is a board you’ll find at the top of a lot of people’s lists. One of the reasons for this is the tough construction that lets you paddle in areas other than just deep, flat water. iRocker does this by using top of the line, military-grade PVC material with industrial drop-stitch construction, meaning that not only is there protection against bumps and cuts but also from the seams coming apart after abuse. In fact, you can run over this SUP with a car and it’ll be no worse for wear!

Another major point is the carrying capacity of this board. Not only is it rated for 350 pounds, but it also has a plethora of storage to boot. There is a large bungee area up front with multiple D-ring attachments all throughout. So, bring a friend or bring a cooler!

The tri-fin arrangement on the bottom gives you tracking stability without sacrificing speed along the way. iRocker Cruiser’s accessories iRock (sorry), which is a mark of this brand. You can expect top-quality fins, air pump, and paddle out of the box. Add a 2-year warranty to the mix and you can see why we put this on the top of our list.


Durable, solid materials and construction high weight capacity for its size
One of the best fin systems in the industry
Comfortable deck pad.

Model Specs:

Size: 10’6″ long x 33” wide x 6” thick
Weight: 25 lbs
Weight limit: Rated for 350 lbs but most paddlers have said that it holds over 400.
Materials: Military-grade PVC with drop-stitch construction
Fins: Removeable Tri-Fin System
Accessories: Paddle, Pump, Backpack

2). Atoll 11’ Inflatable Paddle Board

There are those out there that prefer hardboards and aren’t
quite sold on the idea of iSUPs despite the benefits. If you find yourself in that camp, then may we suggest this guy. It’s so rigid that it has a reputation as a hardboard mimicker. If you can have a SUP that feels this solid and yet has the portability of an inflatable, what’s not to love?

The most recent model is even lighter than before, which means it’s easier to pump and makes for less weight to move on the water. While not a part of the riding experience itself, we love the classic Buffalo decal on the top which give the deck a simplistic yet stylish look.

This board comes with a high-quality backpack that helps you to take it on the go and keep everything neatly packed away without taking up too much space. Also included in the box is a three-piece paddle with a touch nylon blade and a hand pump. Lastly, while it has a tri-fin setup, the center fin is removable for when you’re in shallower waters and for ease of storage. You can read also the sup buying guide. 

At a Glace:

Hardboard mimicker
All needed accessories included
Super lightweight
Reinforced 10’ poly flex leash

Model Specs:

Size: 11’ long x 32” wide x 6” thick
Weight: 19 lbs
Weight limit: 350 lbs
Material: Military-grade PVC
Fins: Triple-Fin System
Accessories: Paddle, Pump, Backpack, Leash, Fin

3). SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Board

This board is really meant for paddlers that are looking to have a great time out on the water without having too many specific needs. As a matter of fact, we higher recommend it for the first time and younger paddlers. While we would normally say that a 10’ SUP was normally just for children and lighter adults, this board has a massive weight capacity relative to its size, in part due to it being 6” thick and 30” wide.

One of our favorite things we like about this board is how it’s so middle of the road — but in a good way! If you’re just getting started, the fin system will give you enough stability to not be veering off in different directions while letting you not have to give up speed. This is important because sometimes beginner paddlers go for the cheapest, lowest quality SUPs that give them such a bad experience, they just give up. Speaking of fins, the center fin is removable and for some reason has an awesome design on it. Not that we’re complaining at all, it’s just a neat little touch.

Inside the box, you get everything you need to get going including the (usually) standard backpack, leash, and hand pump. One thing you’ll notice is that this SUP comes with a repair kit. The reason we bring that up is that at this level of the board, no one expects it as this is a feature of higher-end boards. You’ll notice that this is the first SUP on the list to include it.

At a Glace:

Excellent stability
Large deck with non-slip pad
Excellent value for entry-level board

Model Specs:

Size: 10’ long x 30” wide x 6” thick
Weight: 19.6 pounds
Weight limit: 350 pounds
Material: Military-grade PVC
Fins: Triple Bottom Panel System
Accessories: Coiled Ankle Cuff Safety Leash, Oar Pedal, Manual Air Pump, Patch Repair Accessory Kit, Storage Bag

4). Pathfinder Inflatable Paddle Board

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy a good iSUP. In fact, this Pathfinder is one of two boards on this list that cost less than $300. They were able to engineer a solid quality board by cutting corners where they could not where they shouldn’t. For example, this board comes in at 5” thick. While most of the better SUPs are 6” thick, there are a lot of boards that cost double the price of the Pathfinder that are only 4”!

The big thing to note about this board is that it’s pretty small, coming in at 9’9”. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad board, it just means that it is best to be used with younger and/or lighter paddlers.

If you look at the picture, you’ll notice that this SUP is the first on our list to have a single fin setup. Some paddlers prefer this if stability is an issue. Compared to the more common 3 fin system, a single large fin will give you better tracking but at the expense of a little speed. This is another reason why we highly recommend this to a younger crowd.

Though not having a high weight capacity, it still offers a bungee area to carry gear that you might want to take out on the water, like a phone, change of clothes or even a snack! Speaking of what’s on deck, there is a large pad to make sure that there is maximum traction while standing or kneeling.

Lastly, there’s a neat carrying strap system that attaches to D-rings on the side. This is great if you plan to move the board from place to place while it’s still inflated.

At a Glace:

Wide in relation to the length
Amazing grip
Easy transport

Model Specs:

Size: 9’9” long x 30” wide x 5” thick
Weight: 24 lbs
Weight limit: 240 lbs
Material: Military-grade PVC
Fins: Single Fin System
Accessories: Paddle, Pump, Deck Pad, Center Fin, Carry Strap

5). Ten Toes Weekender Inflatable Paddle Board

There are few no-fuss boards on the market like the Weekender. It’s little on the smaller side at 10’4” but it still does a great job for general boarding. One feature that really stands out is how well it turns in the water. While shorter boards tend to be better in this area, the engineering of the Weekender made it able to turn on a dime!

Another standout of this is the backpack. Some SUPs don’t put much thought into their backpacks. Even some of the better boards on this list seemed to treat their backpack as an afterthought. This backpack, though, is not only perfect for carrying the board and accessories, you could easily take it out backpacking.

Ten Toes came up with the perfect name for this SUP. It’s a great choice for the weekend warrior that wants a reliable board to throw in the backseat for fun on the beach.

At a Glace:

Premium turning
15(!) color choices
Large bungee area

Model Specs:

Size: 10’4” long x 30” wide x 6” thick
Weight: 27 lbs
Weight limit: 250 lbs
Material: Military-grade PVC
Fins: Triple-Fin System
Accessories: Paddle, 3 Fins, Pump, Repair Kit

6). PEAK Inflatable Paddle Board

The second of our most budget-friendly SUPs on the list, this would make a great gift for someone who is new to the SUP world. We say that not because it’s a bad board by any means, but that this has all the standards that a newcomer may not be aware they need or want. One fin or three? What material of the paddle? What kind of pump? What size is best. The more you paddle, the more of a personal preference you develop. Take this PEAK board out of the box and you’re on the water within less than a half-hour even if you’ve never heard of an iSUP before!

One of the best parts of this board is the paddle. Not only is it adjustable, but it’s also a foldable Inflatable paddle board. This makes it super easy to store it while out on the water with the generous bungee area. Say, for instance, you paddle out to an area where you want to go swimming or do yoga. You don’t want the paddle in the way but you don’t want it to sleep with the fishes, either.

At a Glace:

4 color choices
Adjustable/foldable paddle
Great value

Model Specs:

Size: 10’6” long x 32” wide x 6” thick
Weight: 18 lbs
Weight limit: 300 lbs
Material: Military-grade PVC
Fins:single Fin System
Accessories:Paddle, Backpack, Leash, Pump, Repair Kit





7). THURSO SURF Waterwalker Inflatable Paddle Board

THURSO SURF is one of our favorite brands in general, so it’s no surprise that their flagship board makes its way on our list. This is an all-around board that wants to be a touring board as seen by its high weight capacity, wide deck as well as massive storage areas (bungee and D-ring).

There are a few major features that make this one of our top picks. The first is that it comes in a 10’, 10’6” and 11’ variation depending on the preference of the paddler. Also, the tri-fin system has 3 completely detachable fins that lock in place without any hardware. In addition to giving you a choice as to your fin configuration, it also lets you stack the boards on top of each other for easy storage or transportation.

The Waterwalker comes standard with a carbon fiber paddle that comes standard. Lightweight yet strong, this is the best paddle for the SUPs on the list. Lastly, these SUPs are gorgeous! Each size has a different color scheme but they all share the same woodgrain effect on the board to give you a classic surfboard feel.

At a Glace:

Double Layer Construction
Superior stability
Premium paddle
Excellent fin system
Backpack has wheels

Model Specs:

Size: 10.5’ long x 31” wide x 6” thick
Weight: 26 lbs
Weight limit: 300 lbs
Material: Military-grade PVC
Fins:Triple Fin System
Accessories:Paddle, Quick-Lock Fin Set, Double Action Pump, Double Swivel Coiled Leash, Carry Roller Backpack


8). Tower Adventurer 2 10’4” Inflatable Paddle Board


While we don’t generally recommend going into battle with an iSUP, if you really had to, the Adventurer 2 would work in a pinch! To understand this board, you need to have a look at the specs. On the shorter side, it measures 10’4” in length but has a 32” width, which makes this as stable as you can imagine.

Also, it weighs 26 pounds. That may not sound like much, but it’s about 30% heavier than you might expect for a board that size. Where does the extra weight come from? From the layer upon layer of military-grade PVC that’s been stitched in such a way as to make it incredibly durable. Plus, it’s not every day that you see a SUP this size that can carry 350 pounds of weight!

At a Glace:

Tough material and lots of it
Bungee and D-rings for secure storage
Collapsible paddle for easy storage and travel
Removable center fin

Model Specs:

Size: 10’4” long x 32” wide x 6” thick
Weight: 26 lbs
Weight limit: 350 lbs
Material: Military-grade PVC
Fins: Triple Fin System
Accessories:Fiberglass Paddle, Pump, Bungie

Q 1: Should beginners use Inflatable Paddle Board?

Answer:  Yes they can. There are some boards that are specialized for beginners.

Q 2: Why some paddles are cheap and some are expensive?

Answer: This question comes to the mind of some people who are afraid of any accident. Best Inflatable Paddles brands don’t compromise on quality. They just reduce the number of fins and some key features which don’t affect users.


We covered some best inflatable paddle boards. We tried to put out the best. Hope you could enhance your information about paddleboards. Now if you want to buy then you can easily choose board according to your taste.

We covered both cheap paddles board (If you have a budget issue) and expensive paddleboards (If you have money and want the best product that can meet your needs). We also covered for beginner and adventurer too.

We hope you liked our reviews about paddleboard. If anyone in your friend or family circle wants to read reviews about inflatable paddle board then you can recommend him this article too.

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