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The GT series consists of two boards at 10’9” and 11’2”, following in the performance footsteps of the Skylake Blue range, the GT body has a narrow nose and squared off tail for faster glide and more control. This sleek family of boards were designed to allow riders to adapt to a variety of water conditions with ease. The 10’9” model is great for those seeking a speedier all-around paddler that is comfortable and stable enough for casual touring or trying SUP fitness. The 11’2” GT is a versatile board more geared toward touring and activities where balance is key such as SUP yoga and lake exploration.


  • 2-year warranty.
  • Military grade materials.
  • Enhanced rails.
  • Reinforced construction.
  • Versatile and adaptable to a variety of conditions.
  • Faster than an all-around shape.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Stable and rigid.
  • Sleek design.
  • Configurable fin system.
  • Heavy duty hardware.
  • Comfortable deck pad.
  • Easy to maneuver.


  • Needs more grab handles.
To round off the Skylake collection, Earth River SUP released the Skylake GT series designed to give riders more speed without compromising versatility in this lightweight family of boards. Featuring a configurable Skylake GT fin system, these racing boards let you completely customize your ride anywhere you go.


ERS: Leading by Example

Earth River SUP blossomed in 2012 when a group of paddle board enthusiasts grew tired of searching for portable high-performance gear that could take on a variety of conditions, so they decided to create their own. The company’s early days were spent manufacturing boards exclusively for paddle boarding schools. Skip to now and Earth River Sup is a paddle board company that is changing the way the watersports industry conducts business. ERS is known for their innovative boards ‘designed by a paddler’ with enhanced features made from only the best materials, manufactured in partnership with reliable companies who have high ethical standards. Earth River SUP boards are premium, reliable iSUPs that were designed to be used by any rider, anywhere. ERS doesn’t follow a hierarchical structure though, they broke the mold with their community-based business model, striving only to make a better product and constantly improve the existing ones, without compromise. The backbone of Earth River SUP has and always will be; quality, value and integrity.

The Board in General

The Skylake GT series features two versatile boards; the smaller of the two being 10’9” long and 30” wide, beginners may have to practice their balance before taking on these narrow speedy models. The 11’2” is 32” wide and would be more suitable for novice riders. Larger riders will be better off on the 11’2” with its 240-pound weight capacity and wider platform. Each board weighs under 25-pounds and is super easy to pack down and toss in the backpack for travel.


LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
10’9″ 30″5″ 20 lbs200 lbs


LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
11’2″32″ 5″22 lbs240 lbs

Fin configuration: Tri-fin: removable

The Board: Deeper Details

The Skylake GT series features the same bombproof drop stitch core as all Earth River SUP boards constructed from military grade PVC with Enhanced Dynamic Rails. These boards are puncture resistant to pet claws and sharp objects in the water. The deck pad is %40 thicker than many other iSUPs with hybrid crocodile and diamond cut EVA foam. The standing zone is smooth and secure while the tail pad is deeply grooved for extra grip and stability. A raised kick pad offer control for turning and performing advanced techniques. In the center of the boards you will find the neoprene carrying handle for a comfortable grip, the handle happens to be removable which is super handy if it tends to get in the way of your standing zone. The nose features a 4-point bungee storage zone for securing your shoes or dry bag, there is also a D-ring at the nose for towing, tethering or using as a leash connect point. There is another D-ring at the tail of the board near the inflation valve. The overall design of the board is simple yet functional, each component is made from the highest quality materials available to ERS. On the underside of the board we see a tri-fin configuration featuring US fin boxes compatible with the included Skylake GT fin pack.

Enhanced Extras

The Skylake GT series comes with the ERS heavy-duty backpack, GT fin pack and dual action pump. Earth River SUP doesn’t just put quality and attention into their boards though, each of the accessories is just as carefully crafted. The travel backpack features premium padded straps, grab handles and grooved wheels for travelling over any terrain. The fin pack comes in its own soft carrying case with two interchangeable long center fins and a shorter thruster fin as well as two side click fins, plus all the hardware you need. Each fin lets you customize your ride to your desired paddling style. From rough to shallow waters you can use a fin for control in any condition. Lastly the dual action pump features a built-in pressure gauge and comfortable handle.

Board Performance

Each of the GT series boards is designed to deliver the performance of the Skylake series with more speed and grace for advanced riders. The 10’9” is perfectly suited for practicing for a race, going for a quick ride or just playing around, this is a great and speedy alternative to a traditional all-around performer. The 10’9” paddles fast but the 11’2” paddles faster, with more stability and balance for larger riders and even beginners looking for a swift challenge. The GT series is the speedier and more agile than the performance series for riders looking for precision, speed and maneuverability in a portable package.

Let’s Clarify: The Not so Negatives

With the release of each new collection it seems the Earth River SUPs just get better and better; we only think they’re missing one thing. We would like to see the addition of grab handles on the front and tail of the board for launching and in and out of the water.

Add to Your Collection

Since Earth River SUP likes to keep their support in the community, you will not find ERS products in commercial retail stores. Don’t cry just yet though, you can still get your hands on one. Here’s how…
In person: You can purchase Earth River SUP products through select SUP schools and outfitters who ride and use ERS products in lessons and rental programs or are authorized to sell ERS products.
Online: ERS has had “a long standing relationship with Pumped Up SUP” and you can purchase their products by going to www.pumpedupsup.com or if you still like shopping over the phone, call 1-877-777-1769 to order.

The team at Earth River SUP is all about their community and standing behind their products and have come up with a pretty sweet deal for their customers. As of June 2019, Earth River SUP will give you a 30 day ‘ride at a different level guarantee,’ which means; You can use the first 30 days from purchase to ‘trial’ your board. Take it out, pump it up and ride it around. If you’re not absolutely satisfied with your purchase you have two options.
Exchange it– For just $99 to cover shipping, you can exchange an opened or used ERS board as a credit towards a new ERS board. The board must be from the same range sold by the dealer you bought it from and does not include accessories or excessive damage caused to the board.
Refund it– You can return an unused or opened board for a full refund (don’t forget about the $99 shipping though) or return a used or opened board for a full refund, minus the shipping and a %20 restocking fee.

One Final Note

The Skylake GT series from Earth River SUP is designed for riders looking for more speed and agility on the water. The configurable fin system really lets you customize each and every ride to the conditions. You can start your day on the lake and end it chasing the sunset at the beach with everything you need packed up into one convenient backpack. Adventure is with you wherever you are with an Earth River SUP GT.

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