Earth River SUP: V3 12’6” Touring

Earth River SUP: V3 12’6” Touring


  • 2-year warranty.
  • Compact lightweight design.
  • Premium construction.
  • Military grade materials.
  • Stable and rigid.
  • Touring specific design.
  • All-around performance.
  • Streamlined rocker.
  • Ultra-grip deck pad.
  • Enhanced features.
  • Glides smoothly and quickly.
  • Enhanced Dynamic Rails.
  • Raised kick pad for control.
  • Configurable fin system.
  • Fin pack included.


  • Could use grab handles.
If one perfectly produced touring board from Earth River SUP wasn’t enough, don’t worry there is the V3 12’6” touring model. This long and lean platform of fun isn’t just for touring anymore, the finely tuned 12’6” as been carefully constructed to take on a variety of water conditions and is versatile enough for all types of riders. Beginners will enjoy the stability from tip to tail and the ease of use while seasoned riders will get a kick out of the enhanced features and complete versatility of this iSUP.

ERS: Leading by Example

Earth River SUP blossomed in 2012 when a group of paddle board enthusiasts grew tired of searching for portable high-performance gear that could take on a variety of conditions, so they decided to create their own. The company’s early days were spent manufacturing boards exclusively for paddle boarding schools. Skip to now and Earth River Sup is a paddle board company that is changing the way the watersports industry conducts business. ERS is known for their innovative boards ‘designed by a paddler’ with enhanced features made from only the best materials, manufactured in partnership with reliable companies who have high ethical standards. Earth River SUP boards are premium, reliable iSUPs that were designed to be used by any rider, anywhere. ERS doesn’t follow a hierarchical structure though, they broke the mold with their community-based business model, striving only to make a better product and constantly improve the existing ones, without compromise. The backbone of Earth River SUP has and always will be; quality, value and integrity.

Earth River SUP: V3 12’6” TouringThe Board in General

The 12’6” Touring is 32” wide and weighs only 27 lbs. The board may look big but it surely doesn’t feel to big, the touring is the perfect size if you’re looking for more portable performance or maybe have a little trouble lifting heavy objects, ERS makes sure no one misses out on the fun. With the highest weight capacity at 350 lbs., you can pack on enough gear for a camping trip, add a passenger or two, or just enjoy the extra room all by yourself.

LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
12’6″ 32″ 6″27 lbs350 lbs

Fin configuration: Tri-fin; Removable

The Board: Deeper Details

Built on years of experience and learning by example, Earth River SUP has crafted the ultimate iSUP modeled after only the greatest boards before it. The drop stitch core is protected by two thermally fused layers of military grade material before being finished off with the most premium PVC and a UV resistant coating. The top deck is covered in ultra-thick deeply grooved EVA foam. The crater like lines in the foam not only give you a secure soft grip but wick the water away from your feet for taking on rougher waters. In the center of the board is the soft neoprene carrying handle, which is also removable for those whose way it is constantly in. Towards the nose of the board is a 4-point bungee storage zone for securing your dry bag, shoes or holding some gear for an overnight camping trip. The stainless-steel D-rings leave you plenty of space to add on extra storage or for clipping on small accessories. We also see a D-ring for attaching a leash, towing or tethering with friends for a group SUP yoga class. At the tail of the board is the inflation valve and extra D-ring for a passenger safety leash. The underside of the board holds three US fin boxes compatible with the included LRC fin pack.

Enhanced Extras

The 12’6” touring comes with the standard accessory pack from Earth River SUP, included is; the heavy-duty premium travel backpack, dual action pump and LRC (Lake River Coast) fin pack. The backpack features are of the highest quality from strap to seams, comfortable padded hip and shoulder straps as well as grooved wheels and grab handles. The dual action pump comes with a built-in pressure gauge so you can always get your board to its optimal PSI for every ride. The LRC fin pack consists of four carrying center fins, four side click fins and all of the hardware you need to get setup.

Board Performance

The 12’6 touring is not just for cruising and covering lost distances anymore. The V3 touring model has a body that was optimally designed for every water condition, the rocker has just enough curve for cutting in and out of the currents and flat enough to glide swiftly over flat waters. The overall stability and rigidity of the board lets you charge headfirst into rushing rapids with ease and confidence thanks to the deck pad keeping you in contact with the surface of the board. Speaking of surface contact, beginners will be able to easily maneuver the 12’6” platform with its ease of use and tracking abilities. If you are itching for an overnight camping trip the comfortable touring will take you over long distances in shorter time so you can focus more on the fun night ahead. If your partner, child or puppy can’t paddle themselves, the solid and load bearing board will allow you to take them for a ride too. If your passenger can paddle, there is enough room for two riders using two paddles and you’ll get to your destination in half the time.

Let’s Clarify: The Not so Negatives

Earth River SUP has a board for every rider and chances are if one model doesn’t have a feature you love, ERS has a model that does. The only thing missing from these fabulous fun platforms is grab handles. We would love to see a grab handle at the nose and tail of the board, especially in one so long, for pulling it in and out of the water.

Add to Your Collection

Since Earth River SUP likes to keep their support in the community, you will not find ERS products in commercial retail stores. Don’t cry just yet though, you can still get your hands on one. Here’s how…
In person: You can purchase Earth River SUP products through select SUP schools and outfitters who ride and use ERS products in lessons and rental programs or are authorized to sell ERS products.
Online: ERS has had “a long standing relationship with Pumped Up SUP” and you can purchase their products by going to www.pumpedupsup.com or if you still like shopping over the phone, call 1-877-777-1769 to order.

The team at Earth River SUP is all about their community and standing behind their products and have come up with a pretty sweet deal for their customers. As of June 2019, Earth River SUP will give you a 30 day ‘ride at a different level guarantee,’ which means; You can use the first 30 days from purchase to ‘trial’ your board. Take it out, pump it up and ride it around. If you’re not absolutely satisfied with your purchase you have two options.
Exchange it- For just $99 to cover shipping, you can exchange an opened or used ERS board as a credit towards a new ERS board. The board must be from the same range sold by the dealer you bought it from and does not include accessories or excessive damage caused to the board.
Refund it– You can return an unused or opened board for a full refund (don’t forget about the $99 shipping though) or return a used or opened board for a full refund, minus the shipping and a %20 restocking fee.

One Final Note

If you’re a dedicated paddler who likes to slow things down and take it all in, but still have the option to hit the turbo boost when the mood strikes, the 12’6” V3 touring model can do it all for you. The maneuverability of the board let’s riders of all shapes, sizes and ages in on the fun too. From first time tricks to time tested techniques the V3 can be customized to adapt to every ride on any water condition. Cut through currents, laugh side winds in the face and take a nap on the lake on the V3 12’6” from Earth River SUP.


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