GILI 10’6 Komodo

GILI 10’6 Komodo


The Komodo is marketed as a unique type of iSUP: All-Around Yoga. As a rule, these categories of boards are quite different from each other. So, by using these combined names, this better be a truly unique design or else it will just seem like a dud. After reviewing, how did we feel it did compared to all the hype?



  • Extra-wide deck
  • Entire deck is covered in EVA foam pad
  • 18 D-rings
  • Front bungee area removable
  • Reasonable price


  • Slower than most all-arounds of the same size
  • No rear storage area
  • Subpar standard accessories
  • Only comes in one length
Despite being a great iSUP brand, GILI doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. Along with a few other brands such as iRocker and THURSO, they lie in that sweet spot of mid-tier boards that give the consumer a bang for their buck.

LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
10'633"6"21 lbs340 lbs

GILI 10’6 Komodo Reviews


Since this board is extra wide and on the shorter side, it’s no surprise that it doesn’t come in at the top of our speed tests. So, we would say this is better for someone who just wants to get out on the water without too much fuss.

However, we will give it credit for being extremely stable and maneuverable. The deck being so large and having such a large padded area make it better than most all-arounds for SUP yoga and other fitness activities (as advertised). Also, since it has a respectable weight capacity, this stability gives you the ability to bring along another friend or even your pets.


The first thing we’ll address with this board is the storage. Up front, you’ll find a 6-point bungee storage area that’s more than enough for any gear you might need for a few hours on the water. Since it’s removable, you have the option to take full advantage of the large deck pad, giving you more space for additional passengers. Oddly, there isn’t any storage on the back, but the 4 D-rings are situated such that you could connect your own bungee cords if you really needed the storage.

Speaking of D-rings, there are a total of 18 in the current model, second on the market only to the new iRocker models. Since they’re situated all over the board, you can use them for a variety of purposes, such as hauling gear, kayak attachments, docking or even towing. One of those D-rings even has an action mount where you can attach a camera, GPS or other devices.

While not a crucial feature, we do enjoy the paddle holder. This allows you to have you paddle in a secure place if you decide to go for a swim or decide to do some poses.

Lastly, let’s go back to that EVA foam pad. It covers every square inch of the deck, which means that you have all 10’6” available for use. Since you have all this space at your disposal, you can really make full use of the entire board without any waste.


Even though you only have the option of one length, you can choose from 2 colors: blue and teal. For some reason, if you order in teal, a portion of the proceeds goes to saving sea life but not when you order blue. So, if that’s a reason for getting this board, keep that in mind.The nose of the board is a little on the lower side and has more of a V-shape than other GILI boards. What this means that it’s best used in calmer waters. While it’s true that this limits it’s capabilities in choppier waters, you’ll get maximum stability when doing fitness activities on lakes and ponds.

Finally, we can’t forget the fin setup. A 3-fin thruster setup with all 3 fins removable is a rarity to be sure and only seen a handful of other models on the market. The main benefit comes with setup and storage. Not having fixed fins will make rolling and packing the board a breeze. Also, if you decide to store the board in an inflated state, you can stack boards or just place it on a flat surface easily as long as you take the fins off.


In the iSUP world, dual-layer PVC construction is considered standard and 4-layer construction is considered premium. The benefit of 2 layers is being lightweight with 4 layers offering a firmer board that can take more abuse.GILI took the middle ground here by using triple-layer construction. In doing this, they have a board that’s still pretty stiff yet 20% lighter than comparable iSUPS.


Out of the box, this iSUP comes with everything you’d need to get yourself out on the water. This includes a backpack, hand pump, ankle leash, repair kit and the paddle. As we mentioned in the outset, these are all subpar and the biggest difference between this board and other comparable boards on the market. For instance, the paddle shaft is fiberglass and the pump is a dual-action, single chamber model.

Of course, you can upgrade your package. For just $40, you can go with a carbon fiber paddle, which is so low that we don’t know why they don’t just bump up the price a little and include it standard. Also, you can go for a dual-chamber or electric pump if you so choose, and we highly recommend doing so.

Over Verdict

With the extra width and full use of the deck, we would say that this is about as all-purpose as an all-around iSUP can be. It’s fun to use and we can see a wide range of users having a blast, including beginner and intermediate paddlers.

Other than the design itself, the price is incredible for a board of this quality and construction. The only thing that we found to be a disappointment is with the included accessories. They’re cheap feeling and not on par with what the direct competition offers. However, as we mentioned, upgrading isn’t as expensive as with other brands and once you do so, you end up paying the same price as other comparable boards.

With that one point aside, we were still pretty impressed with the GILI Komodo. Without a doubt, we can call it one of the all-purpose all-around boards out there.