High Society Paddle Boards

High Society: USS HS 2 Stand Up Paddle Board

High Society sprinkles a little bit of everything nice into their boards and the USS HS 2 has more than ever before with its increased stability and control. The company did a good job covering all the SUP basics in their all-around boards, the only thing missing is a few extra grab handles. Now this is not a necessary addition but one that would add to the ease and functionality of the USS HS 2.

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High Society: Flagship Stand Up Paddle Board

The Flagship is a great board to have in the trunk of the car when you feel like taking a long lunch break or to take with on a hike up to your favorite secret spot. The increased thickness of the board (6-inches) keeps your feet high and dry above the water, especially on cold days. The wide base and rounded nose provide plenty of balance and smooth glide without feeling too round and wobbly. The center fin helps keep the board tracking straight, but if needed the side fins work together to maneuver the board on their own in shallow waters. The deck pad is super comfortable on long rides and even on the knees when you need a little break. The Flagship may not be coming in first place in competitions anytime soon but if you’re not looking to go anywhere fast this is an awesome, super rigid all-around board for novices, experts and even junior rippers.

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High Society: Wolf Stand Up Paddle Board

The Wolf iSUP from High Society was designed on the same frame as the ZG measuring at 10’6” and 32” wide. With a 275-pound weight capacity, the Wolf is an ideal introductory SUP for riders of all shapes. and sizes. This all-around mid-size board can do it all from river cruises to SUP fitness, with a wide stable platform and high-performance features.

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High Society: Northstar Stand Up Paddle Board

The Northstar is a mid-size board at 10’6” long and 32” wide. The wide platform of the board has been optimized for every level of rider and all water conditions. The increased thickness of the board at 6-inches keeps it high and flex-free above the water. The Northstar can also hold up to 275-pounds, enough for large riders, tall riders even four-legged friends can join.

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