High Society: Wolf Stand Up Paddle Board

High Society: Wolf Stand Up Paddle Board


Like a lone wolf attracts the attention of the pack, you will attract the attention of everyone on the Wolf iSUP from High Society. Just like the majestic creature itself, this aptly named SUP is a versatile and durable board that will take you over long distances in any condition with ease.



  • Durable military grade materials.
  • Stable and rigid.
  • Wide base.
  • Comfortable carrying handle.
  • Curved rocker for all water conditions.
  • Comfortable deck pad.
  • Original artwork and sleek design.
  • Bungee storage.
  • Removable center fin.
  • Full accessory package.
  • Two-piece travel paddle.
  • Ankle leash.
  • Mesh breathable backpack.
  • 3-year full warranty.
  • 30-day worry-free return policy.


  • Needs more grab handles.
Featuring designs by Denver based artist Robert Maestas, the Wolf is a sleek all-around board designed for performance on all waters, for any level of rider. Beginners can get their balance while advanced riders can relax and enjoy cruising on this incredibly transportable board.

LengthWidthThicknessWeight Capacity
10’6”32”6"275 lbs

Why High Society?

High Society was established in the heart of Aspen, Colorado in 2003 and has been dedicated to providing premium gear directly to their loyal customers since. All of their boards are hand crafted using a controlled multi-step finishing process after rigorous R&D testing in all-season weather. Who doesn’t love local supporting local? The company partners with local artists and designers for exclusive artwork on all of their boards. The team at High Society also pride themselves on their impeccable customer relationship management, so when you buy from High Society you not only receive the best gear but the best service. The company even backs all of their paddleboards with a full 3-year warranty. With over 15 years of experience and a lifetime of passion High Society guarantees the most rider-friendly, high performance gear.

Wolf Stand Up Paddle Board ReviewsSide Note: High Society has a less than 1% warranty and return rate and are well known for continuously receiving 5-star reviews.

The Board Overall

The Wolf iSUP from High Society was designed on the same frame as the ZG measuring at 10’6” and 32” wide. With a 275-pound weight capacity, the Wolf is an ideal introductory SUP for riders of all shapes. and sizes. This all-around mid-size board can do it all from river cruises to SUP fitness, with a wide stable platform and high-performance features.

Length: 10’6”

Width: 32”

Weight capacity: 275 lbs.

Fin configuration: Tri-fin: Removable center fin with two fixed side fins.

The Board: On the Inside

High Society is known for their precise production process; every step involved in putting a SUP together is carefully executed and then reviewed by multiple team members to ensure a flawless finished product. The Wolf has a drop stitch core offering a lightweight yet durable base, the core is then wrapped in military grade PVC and the rails are reinforced. The Wolf is near indestructible; although we don’t recommend it, you can run it over with a truck and the seams won’t even stir. The tri-fin system features a removable center fin with fin screw and two fixed side fins. The side fins are springy and perk up upon inflation, but will lay flat when packed away. The top deck is covered in black diamond grooved EVA foam with a grey accent stripe towards the nose. The foam pad provides traction and comfort under your feet, knees or hands and provides a soft landing spot for beginners. A soft carrying handle in the center of the deck helps you transport your fully inflated board. Up at the nose of the board we see a bungee storage zone attached with four multi-purpose D-rings; these come in handy when you want to bring along small accessories. Moving back to the tail of the Wolf there is the premium inflation valve and leash connect point, which is also a D-ring you can use for towing or tethering your board.

The Whole Package

If you are familiar with iSUPs and their accessories you probably know that it is difficult to find an accessory package with everything you need to hit the water. So, let me tell you that High Society has one of the heftiest and best accessory packages you can find with an iSUP. Your board and accessories all come packed in the ventilated High Society backpack. The unique design features mesh sides that allow your board to breathe, comfortable padded shoulder straps and grab handles. You also receive a dual-action pump, travel paddle, safety leash, and repair kit.

Setup and Performance

Setting up the Wolf takes less time than it does to whip up a batch of margaritas for the after-ride party. With the board lying on a flat surface, attach the inflation hose and pump; the board should be at 15 PSI in about 15 minutes. Flip the board over and attach the center fin; use the fin for better tracking but remove it to avoid damage in shallow waters. On the water the Wolf is stable and rigid, the board feels solid under your feet you forget that it is inflatable. Turning is slow but smooth just like the tracking, the board glides lightly atop the water, though don’t expect to win any class races on the Wolf. If you’re after an easy to ride board that is ready for adventure when you are; the Wolf is the travel companion you didn’t know you needed.

The Highs and the Lows

If you’re after an easy to use entry level iSUP with high performance features then the Wolf has what you need. This board is pretty standard and has a little bit of everything we want to see on board an iSUP, the only complaint would be the lack of extra grab handles. For beginners, grab handles at the nose and tail of the board make for less awkward transitions in and out of the water when you’re just getting into the swing of things.

Looking for One?

In order to keep prices low and maintain exclusive customer relationships High Society boards are only available through authorized retail and demo partners. You can also purchase products directly through the company’s online store.

If you’re in the US and are looking to save a few extra bucks, High Society also offers FREE GROUND SHIPPING TO THE LOWER 48 CONTINENTAL USA! ($50 VALUE)


For a limited time, High Society is offering a buy one, get one free deal on any two paddle boards. Simply add two of your favorite boards to your cart and at checkout enter the code: 2020SUP

Tell Me More

The Wolf is a good looking introductory iSUP that can do a little bit of everything. The curved rocker allows it to take on any water condition with ease and provides the rider with confidence wherever they are. Beginners will have no trouble learning to balance and stroke on the Wolf and seasoned riders will enjoy the affordability and transportability of this sleek all-around board from High Society.


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