Isle Limited-Edition Glider All-Water Paddle Board Package Review

Isle Limited-Edition Glider All-Water Paddle Board Package Review


The Glider is ISLE’s best-selling all-around paddle board and with the release of the new limited editions it’s easy to see why. The limited edition boards were designed to stand out and make the Glider a functioning work of art. The All-Water Glider is a versatile epoxy board that looks like wood but has the strength of a fiberglass surf board. The graphics alone have me debating whether or not I should hang it on the wall, drive around with it on the roof rack just to show it off, or actually get it in the water

  • Durability
  • Speed


  • The Glider is ridiculously lightweight for its size.
  • The Limited Edition graphics are literal work of art.
  • The board is great for beginner to intermediate riders.
  • From flat water to small surf this board outperforms its competitors.
  • The durable handmade construction is unmatched.
  • Each product is individually tested.
  • ISLE has exceptional customer support.
  • ISLE produces some of the best boards on the market.
  • The company works to protect the earth’s waters.
  • Fin, paddle and leash are included.
  • Sticker pack and owner’s manual are also included.
  • Bungee storage area.
  • Additional accessories available.
  • Accessory mount.
  • Retractable carrying handle.
  • Versatile D-rings.
  • Tool less fin system.
  • Coiled ankle leash.
  • EVA foam deck pad.
  • Durable Epoxy construction.
  • Stable and versatile.
  • Carbon fiber extendable paddle.
  • ISLE offers FREE shipping.
  • 180 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all paddle boards.
  • 60 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all paddles from date of purchase.
  • 60 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all leashes from date of purchase.


What we don’t like

  • The edges of the fin can be a little ugly where they connect, but once installed you can’t see them.
  • There are some miniscule uneven spots on the board but its shows the handmade quality and gives the board character.
  • The screws on the paddle can come loose if not tightened properly or checked.

First Things First

We are going to take a walkthrough of the new limited edition ISLE Glider All-Water Package to see if it is really worth all the hype and what makes ISLE stand out from the rest (I’ll give you a hint; their customers love them!) In this review I will give you the whole scoop from unboxing to paddling out for the first time, the good, the bad, where you can get one for yourself and more. So sit back and allow me to help you gather the facts before deciding if the Glider is for you, but decide quickly because I have a feeling these limited edition boards won’t be available for long. ISLE Stand Up Paddle Board

In a hurry? Here is a quick breakdown of the Glider All-Water…

Why Choose ISLE?

ISLE has been known to produce some of the best SUP boards on the market today, from hardboard to inflatable; ISLE has been molding winners since 2004, and is one of the longest standing companies to continue to do so. Rider owned and operated, ISLE is based out of San Diego where they can test all of their products in the intended environmental conditions. I wouldn’t trust a surfboard designed by a chef, but a board designed by two surfers that actually use their own products, that I will take. Not only do they know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to a high performing SUP or surf board, but they can test the products themselves to ensure the highest quality control.

I also love what the company represents, not only does ISLE love to play on the water but they do a good job in keeping it protected. ISLE encourages its users to do so too because as surfers themselves, they know and love the water and want to keep it safe so they can continue to enjoy what they do.

What to Expect

You’re not just getting a new SUP board; you’re paying for the whole experience. It is easy to see why ISLE has such a loyal customer base. Two surfers own the place and their entire focus is on the highest performing boards, and the only way to get that is trial and error. So, you have a team of watersport enthusiasts designing boards for their community and testing them, that doesn’t sound like a bad day at work to me. ISLE’s exceptional customer service makes sense now. From the first inquiry to the day of delivery the entire process was as pleasant as could be. Any question I had was promptly and kindly answered by the customer support team at ISLE no matter if it was a phone call or email, I forgot I was even speaking to customer support. You can tell about a person’s working conditions by how they treat their customers and I can sense that those working in ISLE customer support are treated kindly and are probably having one hell of a good time at work.

The Board

ISLE is at the top of their game and their designs have never looked better than on the Limited Edition All-Water Glider collection. It was an almost impossible choice between the four graphic packages that nearly had me purchase all four, but my bank account forced me to choose only my absolute favorite. This board is the ultimate package; everything you need to get on the water is included, a paddle, the fin and the leash. ISLE has even provided a large range of affordable SUP accessories that are compatible with the Glider.

With the versatile Glider you can test out your new found skills on calm water or improve your moves on small to mid-sized surf. The Glider was designed with beginners in mind from the lightweight easy to track board to the foam deck. Whether you’re trying out new paddling techniques or looking for an easy transition back into surfing after a sabbatical, the Glider will get you there in style. I would classify myself as a beginner and I was quickly able to get my balance and easily navigate this lightweight board on the local lake. The Glider is not my first board purchase but it is definitely my favorite so far.

Design and Build

When I first pulled the Glider out of its box I was kicking myself for not purchasing a second to hang on the wall. Let’s start with the looks and work our way to the board’s construction.

As I mentioned before there are four aptly named graphic schemes available for the Glider. There is a yellow ‘Hula’ color scheme complete with nautical stripes and pineapple graphics. Nest is a surprisingly fun grey ‘Luau’ board with bold coral and navy color blocks, featuring frangipani and bird of paradise graphics. The third and my favorite board is ‘Paradise’ that has a vibrant coral and navy color scheme and is also covered with bird of paradise. The final board is a softer coral and blue ‘Sedona’ featuring a mountain sunset and fun multi-colored zig-zags.

The graphics are so unbelievably well done; ISLE even covered every nook and detail by wrapping the included accessories in matching graphics. I love that the fin and the paddle are matching covered in bird of paradise flowers. ISLE really streamlined the boards look by doing this. Bold black lines separate graphics and color blocks. The ISLE logo is stamped at the nose and underside of the board.

Board Specs:

LengthWidthThicknessWeightVolumeMax Capacity
10' 10"31"4.5"23.5 lbs181 liters250 lbs

Seating Configuration: Solo

Primary Material: Fiberglass Composite

The Glider is a single rider board with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It is recommended for small to average adults for this reason. I am over 6 foot and weigh in around 180 and have had no balance or stability issues so far. This is not to say that no one will have issues, some people are more graceful than others, I myself have trouble walking in a straight line completely sober, but if I can catch my balance quickly as a beginner then most likely you can too. If you have a strong core, you don’t need to worry about balance at all, you’ll be a pro standing on this thing. The Glider is not the widest board and is only 31” wide, so if you do have some serious balance issues it may take some getting used to on the Glider.

The board itself weighs 23 pounds making it one of the lightest hard boards available. When I do a quick product test I try to imagine myself using the product in every possible scenario, so imagine me walking around my, very small, back garden carrying a shiny new SUP board as if I’ve been doing shoulder presses at the gym all day. Needless to say it was easier than carrying my niece who had gone limp after too many laps around the playground last week.

The 10’10” Glider is also not a longboard so it does not feel too awkward when carrying it to and from the water. It is easy enough to load onto the roof rack solo and even mount on the wall for the winter.  Like I’ve said before, I love mounting this board on the wall like a collector’s item for all of my friends to swoon over.

The Making of the Glider

Board Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell

Hull Shape: Planing

Fin Boxes: 1

The Glider is an ultra-rigid hard board that is super stable despite its 31” width. Again, I am not a professional, I tried a SUP on holiday once, fell in love with it tried again and again before deciding it was time to invest in my new found hobby. For me anything aside from ‘it floats on water’ was completely new information, after a little research and real practice I began to learn how a board’s construction affects its performance. From this I learned that a wider board would have probably been a wiser choice for a balance-challenged beginner but the rigidity and stability of the Glider has allowed me to skip a few steps.

I also learned what a few of these technical terms mean. So for those of you who may not know, the Glider is a hard shell board with a planning hull. This means that the board has a concave, or flat, bottom and “skims” across the water. A SUP board will glide more on top of the water where a surfboard cuts through the water, maybe one day this SUP board will get me on a surf board.

So what is inside of a hard board?

The core of the Glider is made from EPS or Epoxy PolyStrene which is a rigid plastic material made from solid beads of polystyrene. ISLE uses Timber Lite Technology to create their rigid lightweight boards. This is done by using a proprietary vacuum bag process that seals fiberglass resin with paulownia wood forming a long lasting board.

How does all of this affect the board? At the core of all SUP boards is an EPS mold, the denser the core is the heavier the board is, less dense lighter board, so in order to keep the core light but strong the surrounding material needs to be durable. ISLE uses a lightweight core that is less dense and one of four methods for wrapping and reinforcing the core of their SUP boards. The core is wrapped with fiberglass, a paulownia wood veneer is layered on and then more fiberglass is added. The vacuum process seals this all together to form an impenetrable core.

Isle then finished the Glider off with stunning glossy graphics for a premium Limited Edition board that will last for years to come. And because this board is so strong it can stand up to the wear and tear caused by beginners like myself. The rigid construction makes me feel strong and confident on the water and less worried that I’ll easily break or damage something adventuring off into unknown territory.

The narrow body of this board makes it easy to navigate and transport. It moves quickly on the water but not so fast that I feel like I am not in control, but also not so slow that I feel like I can’t use the board to improve my skills. It is the perfect cruising board to take out for a day on the lake and a buddy of mine tells me that his works on the beach as well, but on a still day he’s not out trying to chase the next big wave with his Glider.

The Glider has given me quite the first impression just from its looks alone. ISLE seems to have some serious know-how when it comes to aesthetics and as my first big purchase from them I feel confident that the Glider will hold up to the challenge of many more adventures. The board looks ridiculously good on and off the water and it feels incredibly strong under your feet.

Special Features

Now that we have taken a peek ‘inside’ of this gorgeous board let’s take a look at what makes up the outside of the Glider. From the top to the bottom, what you will see, feel and how you can use it all. First off, if I haven’t said it enough already, the customer support you receive from ISLE is just unbeatable, like finding things to ask questions about just so you can call them kind of good. So from the moment you purchase the Glider you feel like you’re waiting for Christmas morning. When you receive your very large package just make sure you have enough room to unpack it all, outside or in an open living room would work best.

First Impressions

Once you open the box the board itself is completely protected in layers of packing foam and bubble wrap and taped in a way that’s easy to take apart( you can see here the ISLE team did a good job to put some care and attention into shipping out its products). I used a pair of scissors to speed this along. Once unwrapped, you can run your hands along the glossy surface of this beautiful handmade board to check for any damages that may have occurred in transport. Make sure you call ISLE right away if there are any factory defects so they can take care of you. Though because of ISLE’s thoughtful packaging it’s not likely that there will be any issues of their causing. You may see a few tiny, almost invisible spots from the final finishing stages or uneven areas but over time those will fade away. Those are just character traits of a handmade product.

Accessory Mount

Starting from the top, at the nose of the Glider is an FCS (Fin Control System) plug for attaching a GoPro or other FCS accessories. I like the plug for attaching an action mount rather than a suction cup action mount. This gives the option of attaching different accessories if you have them, but hides the mounting area if you don’t, so your lack of accessories isn’t always staring you in the face.  Looking below the plug we see the ISLE logo beautifully stamped across the center of the nose.

Bungee Storage

Next up on the nose is the bungee storage system. The whole 6-point storage system is attached by integrated plastic D-rings located along the rails of the board. First of all, I love the storage area, but I do wish that there were a second at the tail of the board. I also love D-rings and how functional they are. You can tether, tow and attach all kinds of small accessories with these things and the more I see on a board the more excited I get. The storage area itself is perfect for securing anything down that you can fit in there. I use it for my dry bag, waterproof speaker, a small cooler and life vest. What you use it for is your business but you can fit quite a bit under there. You could even bring along a small child to sit at the nose of your board and they can hold onto the bungee area.

Vent Plug

Moving down the board we find a Gore-Tex vent plug. This is not an inflatable board but the vent plug helps the board breathe. A Gore-Tex plug is a two-way plug that allows air out without letting water in. So, my first question and maybe yours too was, huh? After some research I found this, basically your board needs to breathe in temperature changes, especially hot ones. When you’re driving the board around or storing it you should leave the vent open and then close it before you get on the water. Opening the vent helps to prevent deamination, or separation of the boards layers.

Traction Pad

The center and standing zone of the board is covered in an EVA brushed foam traction pad. Yes, that’s a lot of adjectives but they all mean something here. The foam itself is thick yet lightweight and provides a much needed landing space. Trust me you’ll be grateful for this when you fall for the first time. Aside from falling, it’s super comfortable to stand on as well as keeping you stable and if you want to paddle on your knees it allows for that too. A brushed finish is less grooved, think paint brush strokes, and therefore provides a softer surface for your skin and won’t leave imprints like a grooved traction pad does. Because of the different graphic choices the traction pad looks different for all boards, the one on my new board is tri colored with bold blocks and clean lines. The traction pad reaches all the way to the tail, so a passenger would probably be more comfortable sitting on the back of the board but there is nowhere to hang on. The material is strong enough though that you could bring a furry friend along and their nails wouldn’t ruin the surface.

Carrying Handle

My absolute favorite feature is the pop-out carrying handle in the center of the board. The location of the handle is absolutely perfect for carrying the board with the weight evenly distributed for a tall or short person. My favorite thing about it is that when you don’t need it just pop the handle down and it disappears, I love it when everything has a place. Some boards have handles that lay flat but that just is ever flat enough. Having a lay flat handle is super handy if you ever want to try SUP fitness or yoga. I am not ready for that but I can foresee loving this feature when the day comes that I’m ready to try standing on one foot on this board. The handle itself is military-grade material strong enough for attaching a cable lock.

Leash Port

Moving to the tail of the board is the leash plug for attaching the ankle leash. I love that the attachment points on this entire board lay flat giving a completely smooth deck, minus the bungee system. I quickly learned that wearing a leash is not only for your safety but your convenience, you’ll be wishing you wore it when you come up from a fall and see your board floating away, only to have to expend more energy chasing it down.

Tool Less Fin

On the underside of the board we see the three blocks of bold beautiful color and the ISLE logo stamped at the top center. At the tail of the board is the Limited Edition coconut stamp and underneath that we see the center fin box. The box here is where you snap the center fin into place. SUP boards come with a fin setup that is relative to the size and purpose of the board. Since the Glider is an all-around SUP board designed mostly for flat water the large center fin is the chosen setup.

The center fin creates minimal drag and maximum stability. The large center fin allows you to move in a straight line along farther distances and is perfect for casual padding, especially with pets or kids. The snap in system makes it easy to remove the fin when you’re ready to pack the board up for the season or transporting.

What’s in the Box?

When you purchase the ISLE Glider All-Water Paddle Board Package you also get everything you need to get on the water. The paddle will be individually wrapped in the box. Shake the big box out to get to the accessory box, inside you will find:

  • The fiberglass center fin
  • Coiled ankle leash
  • Sticker pack
  • Owner’s guide
  • 180 day manufacturer’s warranty

All of the accessories are valued at $270. I would have liked a few bonus accessories for the package price but I suppose with this package I was more after the ‘Limited Edition’ aspect and the amazing graphics.

Let’s take a look at each of the accessories.


The paddle is made from a lightweight and durable carbon fiber material. It feels smooth in your hands, lightweight but tough and sturdy. The whole paddle is extendable and is wrapped in matching graphics from top to bottom to match the board itself. Mine is covered in gorgeous flowers.

ISLE LIMITED EDITION GLIDER PADDLE BOARD The blade has smooth rounded edges and feels strong enough that it won’t bend, snap or chip if I happen to hit a rock. I have noticed that the screws may come loose so I do a quick check and hand tightening before using the paddle. The paddle itself is also covered by a 60 day manufacturer warranty, this means that it is covered by anything that could have been done by ISLE, and if you cause damage the warranty will not cover you.


The large fin is wrapped in the same gorgeous graphics and matches the paddle. The one edge that attaches to the fin box is a bit uneven but you won’t notice it once it is in place.

The fin itself is made from fiberglass; it feels light in your hand but again super durable. To attach the fin you just snap it into place in the fin box, having a tool less system is super convenient and works for me so I have less moving parts to keep track of.

Coiled leash

The Leash is great; the cuff is covered in soft neoprene and is stamped with the coordinating ISLE logo. The coiled leash sits close by and not dragging behind you in the water catching on whatever rises to the surface. It also allows you to move around without feeling like you’re going to trip; I forget that I am wearing mine. The lease attaches to the cuff with metal swivel so you can move around freely. Don’t forget to wear your leash; not only for your safety but seriously you don’t want to be the one out there flailing around trying to catch your board.

Sticker Pack and Owner’s guide

In case you feel like decorating or just representing ISLE wherever you go, they have included a sticker pack with the Glider. The owner’s guide is also included for everything you need and want to know about owning your new SUP board.


Again I love ISLE and their customer service. I can tell they are dedicated to delivering the best products and they stand behind them with their manufacturer’s warranty. If there is anything that they have done wrong, call them within the allotted time and ISLE will really do everything in their power to correct any wrong done. The warranty does not cover any damage that could have been done by you or another force like rocks, heat, something that happened when you put your board in the car. Basically, if ISLE didn’t do it they don’t cover it, and that’s fair enough.

The Glider in Action


Activities: All-around SUP activities

Waterways: Flat water, ocean water, rivers, creeks and small surf.

Trip type: Day trips

Skill: Beginner to intermediate

Paddler: Small to average adult and children

The board feels solid under your feet on the water. Once you’re out deep enough it is easy to get on your feet from the first go. When you’re finally up the board feels stable under your feet and on top of the water. The first movements are a bit shaky but once you get a steady pace going it’s a smooth ride. I took the glider around the lake on a hot day and the traction pad stayed cool under my feet. I was able to sit down and relax comfortably as well as stand back up to keep moving.

The rounded nose of the Glider and soft rails make it a perfect board for cruising. The transitions are smooth and the whole board is easy to navigate. I wouldn’t feel confident doing sharp turns or trying to surf on the Glider though I feel as it would easily tip over.

Everything was within reach and easy to access once tied down on the bungee storage area. I would feel comfortable having a small dog along for the ride but as a beginner I wouldn’t go as far as bringing along another human though. But if you’re more advanced and can stabilize another person’s wobble the Glider as a board can handle it.

The paddle felt strong in my hand and pushed me far along in the water with each stroke that my arms and shoulders weren’t exhausted by the end of the ride. There was no twisting or bending in the paddle either. It was easy enough to compress the handle and slide it under the bungee cord as well to float around for a bit.

At the end of the day carrying the board plus my gear back to the car was no chore. Since owning and enjoying the Glider I have been able to meet more paddlers and we have been able to meet up and enjoy a day on the water together. I find that the Glider has just enough of everything you need and doesn’t feel too flashy or bare bones compared to other boards. It can easily compete against other big name boards in aesthetics and build as well as value for the money.

I have plans to travel with my Glider and try out some faster moving waters and different conditions to see how much it can handle. If you’re a light packer the Glider has enough room for an overnight trip for one, but again I wish there were a second bungee storage area for bringing along more gear. For now the glider makes the perfect all-day board for cruising around the lake or heading to the beach.

Additional ISLE Accessories

In addition to kick ass boards ISLE also has a full range of accessories that you can purchase to use with your new board. The complete line-up includes:

  • SUP cover bags to protect your board
  • Life vests
  • Car racks and straps
  • ISLE dry bags
  • A variety of nylon and fiberglass fins
  • ISLE travel backpacks, water bottles and cups.
  • ISLE T-shirts, sunglasses, towels, hats and more

When you purchase the ISLE Limited Edition Glider All-Water Paddle Board Package they recommend some accessories to go with your bundle and even offer a 10% discount with your board purchase. Those accessories are:

  • ISLE 2019 Paddle Board Day Bag – 11’2″ ($165 value) $148.5

This zip up travel bag fits around your entire board and features a shoulder strap for easy transportation. Keep your board safe from the sun and long term storage with this custom day bag.

  • ISLE Car Rack Pads w/ Straps – Flat ($50 value) $45

The rack pads lay flat with a cushioned strip down the middle to keep your board safe and securely in place on top of your car. You won’t nick or scratch your board sliding it on top of the car. This little extra layer of protection will come in handy when one day you thoughtfully toss your board up there and try to hurriedly strap it in place.

  • ISLE 15L Dry Bag ($30 value) $27

The ISLE dry bag is the perfect matching accessory for bringing along your valuables. The 15 liter bag holds everything you could possibly need for a day out, roll the top down and secure it closed with the plastic buckles. The rolled top doubles as a carrying handle or throw the bag over your shoulder with the carrying strap. The bag is a bright yellow with the ISLE logo embossed across the front of it. You can strap the bag into the bungee storage area or float it off the side of your board attached to the D-rings, bungee strap or anywhere you can clip the bag on.

  • MTI Fluid 2.0 Inflatable Belt Pack Life Jacket ($135 value) $121.5

Legally while paddling you need to have a life jacket on board, and children under 12 years old need to be wearing one at all times. The MTI Fluid Inflatable belt pack is the perfect convenient life saving device. You can wear it across your chest or around your waist with the adjustable strap and plastic buckle. If you need to use it the life jacket inflates out of the waist bag. The window on the belt bag allows you to see if your jacket is ready to be inflated. When you’ve used your jacket you can deflate it and fold it back following the fold guides printed on the jacket. Pack the jacket back into the belt bag for your next use.

Caring for a SUP Board

Now that the money has been spent it’s time to think about maintaining the investment and protecting it from wear and tear, so just like anything nice, if you want it to last you must take care of it. As a beginner I’m a bit clueless as to what makes the absolute best care for watersport accessories, but after a few long chats with my more advanced friends and some in-depth research I was able to put together an easy to follow care routine.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

This doesn’t mean you can’t take this thing out on a sunny day, it means don’t be careless and leave the board leaning against the side of the house all day. Think about a plastic playhouse that’s been left in the yard, that once red roof is now an ugly shade of pink. The same goes for your board, not only are you risking damage to the surface of the board, but remember delamination? Well when you leave your board out in the sun (especially with the valve closed) the fiberglass will start to bubble and separate the layers of the board. You can safely store your board in the house, garage or where you can find mine, on the wall. If you’re travelling long distances use a board bag or cover to protect it while it sits on the roof rack. If you are going cross-country and have a large enough vehicle, the board would be safest inside of the car with you.

Keep Your Board Close

I can’t stress this enough, wear your ankle leash! Not only is it for your convenience and safety but it’s for the safety of others. If you are somewhere crowded and lots of boards are floating about, a loose board could mean a collision. So do yourself and everyone else a favor and wear your ankle leash to keep your board attached to your body.

Repair Any Damages

You wouldn’t go in a pond with an open wound, so why would you take your board out in the water with one? If you see any damage on your board look into getting it fixed ASAP. And if you can’t get it fixed right away, practice some self-control and don’t take your board out on the water until it is fixed. Just like the sun getting in and causing delamination, water will get in and cause swelling as well as rip apart the layers of your board.

Use Protection

If you are using your board in an area that you know has some hazardous debris, it’s probably worth the investment to get some protective coverings for your gear. There is something out there called ‘rail tape’ and it is waterproof magic. Essential for beginners you can easily apply rail tape to your board to protect it from scratches and nicks. A paddle guard is another handy accessory, it’s a lightweight sort of glove that slides over the blade of your paddle to protect it from rocks and anything sharp in the water. It won’t slow you down when paddling and will keep your paddle looking brand new until you become familiar with your local waterways.

Don’t Leave it Wet

Always dry your board completely before storing it, this means in the plugs and where the handle hides. You wouldn’t put wet socks in your drawer so don’t put a wet board away. Not only will it cause problems with your board but it will smell and could mildew especially if you store your board in a bag or cover. Remember to keep your valve open when storing your board as well. If you were playing in the salt water it is especially important to give every inch of your board a good rinse.


Special Offers and Where to Get One

If you’ve been thinking about getting your own Limited Edition Glider since you started reading this, you’re one step closer. ISLE SUP boards are available to you through a few methods.

You can go directly to the easy to navigate ISLE website and purchase one directly from them, with free shipping and a 10% discount on their recommended accessories with the purchase of your board.

Also through the ISLE website, if you don’t have the total amount up front, you can purchase the board and setup an installment plan through AFFIRM, choosing from payments every 3,6 or 12 months.

Lastly, if you happen to be anywhere remotely near San Diego and feel like going to the ISLE retail store yourself, you can take a drive to 340 West 26th St. Suite E National City, CA 91950.

As of right now, ISLE SUP boards are only available through their website or their store in California. They don’t yet offer international shipping but it is free local shipping.

Final Words

Like I mentioned before, the ISLE Limited Edition Glider was not my first paddle board purchase but it has definitely been my favorite. It took some serious digging to find even the smallest of detail that I didn’t like about this versatile board.

The gorgeous graphics are unlike any I have seen on other comparable boards. The limited edition collection is so modern and stylish they make amazing pieces of art. Every detail is so well thought out and the entire collection has a streamlined look.

The board is a high performing stable machine that has boosted my confidence and desire to continue learning this sport. All of the accessories look and feel of the highest quality. I could not be happier with this board.

If you were to ask me if I would tell you to go buy one yourself, I would without hesitation tell you yes. For beginners and intermediate riders this board outperforms any others I have tried. It is not too flashy but has everything you need to get out on the water. For advanced riders you might not feel challenged enough on the Glider but you can still have plenty of fun. This board would be perfect for younger learners as well, as a tall awkward beginner even I was able to find some confidence. I have no doubt that a fearless kid would easily find a new hobby using this board.

Whether or not it’s one of the four beautiful Limited Edition Gliders you choose, ISLE has a full range of high-performing paddle boards available from inflatable to hard board and even surf boards. Isle Limited-Edition Glider All-Water


$10 OFF + 30% OFF ON GEAR
$50 OFF on ALL SUPs
$50 OFF on ALL SUPs
(WORTH $129 - ONE PER BOARD) Show Less

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