Peak 10’ Yoga Fitness Paddle Board

Peak 10’ Yoga Fitness Paddle Board


Even if you’re already familiar with other iSUPs, the Peak Yoga Fitness has few features that stand out as unique and different. So, let’s get right into what you can expect and if this board is right for you.



  • Very stable ride
  • Extra wide deck
  • Deck padding is thick and comfortable


  • Slow board
  • Maneuvering is more difficult than with other boards
  • No choice in color or design scheme
Why roll out a yoga mat when you can roll out a yoga SUP? Most people use a SUP for the paddleboarding experience itself but there is a growing part of the market that use SUPs for fitness activities. These include Pilates and, yes, even yoga. We’re not going to get into all the reasons why in this article, though it revolves around the additional balancing needed on a board versus on dry land.
Since no board can be perfect for every purpose and person, there are specialty boards made like this Peak 10’ Yoga Fitness paddle board. Stability if the name of the game here, giving the user the ability to do what they want to do without easily falling into the water.

LengthWidthThicknessWeight Weight Capacity
10’32”6”18 lbs275 lbs


Before we even get into this point, remember that this is a purpose-built SUP and it does well for that purpose. As far as the paddling aspect goes — it’s average, but that’s fine. This isn’t the kind of board that you take out all day and it doesn’t claim to be. It’s designed to be taken out of its backpack, inflated, taken to a spot on the water where the paddler starts a routine then comes back. In that regard, it does its job and then some.

In a fitness/yoga board, one of the top qualities you look for is stability. This board is as stable as they come both for movements but also for general paddling. This is due to the width of the board plus the large single tracking fin which makes your tracking at a top level even for inexperienced paddlers. The tradeoff, though, is that the board takes a bit more effort to turn.


The Peak 10’ Yoga Fitness Paddle Board is not your everyday SUP nor does it try to be. Everything about it is made making activities on the water easier and more comfortable. At 6” thick, this board can support not just weight but various distributions of weight on the deck.
Speaking of the deck, it’s covered in a gripping yet comfortable material to make sure that you can perform a long series of fitness routines without falling off your board.

When it come to handles, it has the standard center handle for carrying over water and front handle for moving it along in the water. While this is acceptable, we would have loved to have seen a tail handle for dragging the SUP on the beach without worrying about the fin.


The board has a pretty blue PEAK design and it’s a good thing that it’s so attractive since you only have one choice in color and design. As a note, while the color is bright and brilliant out of the box, there is a noticeable dulling after a short period of time on any part that has touches that water for an extended time. Ok, so we know that we’re being totally superficial since this doesn’t affect the strength of the material or the performance, but it’s still something worth pointing out.

Since this is more of a board you would expect to take out for a relatively short period of time, there isn’t much storage space, just a 4-point bungee area up front with 4 D-rings. Understanding the purpose of this board makes that perfectly acceptable.
For maximum tracking and stability, this board sports a single large fin. The major tradeoff with this is the drag it creates, but since this isn’t a performance SUP, it certainly isn’t a dealbreaker.


Peak iSUPs, like most of other players in the industry, use a military-grade PVC material with a drop stitch construction. But this is where our biggest complaint comes in. There are 2 ways to build a quality board. The first is that you can use multiple layers of this PVC material to create a stiffer, more durable board. That’s why we see some higher-end manufactures using 3 or 4 layers. The other option is to use 1 or 2 layers create a reinforced core.

Sadly, Peak does neither of these 2 options. They simply have 2 layers of standard material. While for most people you should be fine, it’s more likely that you may run into puncture issues in the future.

Included Accessories

Out of the box, you get the basics for getting out on the water right away. This includes a backpack, high pressure dual-action air pump, ankle leash, center fin, and an aluminum paddle. Just for good measure, they also included a waterproof phone case because why not?

Our Verdict

This SUP is a means to an end. Think of it as a giant, comfy yoga mat on the water with the ability to get you where you want to be situated. For those not in The Know, you may be surprised to learn that yoga boards are their own subcategory of SUPs. That being said, the Peak 10’ Yoga Fitness Paddle Board can stand toe-to-toe with most of its competitors overall with the added benefits of being a bit less expensive that the others.

Peak 10’ Yoga Fitness Paddle Board ReviewsThat being said, one of the best aspects of the SUP fitness and yoga has been a thing for a while now and a nice change of pace for people who are tired of going to the gym or yoga studio. Not only does these activities give you and extra level of challenge, they also let you connect to nature and can really help you focus. That being said, if you currently do this or are thinking about it, we would certainly put this SUP on our shortlist of recommendations.


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