Red Paddle Co: Activ Yoga 10’8”

Red Paddle Co: Activ Yoga 10’8”


  • Simple elegant graphics.
  • Comfortable non-slip deck pad.
  • Extra wide base.
  • Increased stability and rigidity.
  • Durable lightweight construction.
  • Integrated accessory mounts.
  • Carrying handles moved to the side.
  • Extra carrying handles.
  • Durable fixed fins.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Glides smoothly.
  • Easy to setup, transport and store.


  • No deck storage.
The 10’8” Activ Yoga from Red Paddle Co is the rigid and versatile base you need to go from sun salutation to Savasana on the water. This yoga specific inflatable SUP was designed for the down-dog loving watersport enthusiast. The Activ Yoga can be used for yoga, Pilates or any form of balance training with a wide stable base and increased rigidity you can get your Namaste on with confidence and ease. When you feel like moving again this board doubles as the perfect all-around cruiser for a peaceful ride down the river after you’ve gotten your mind right.

Get to Know Red Paddle Co

The Red Paddle Co, a leader in the stand-up paddle board industry, is a company driven by innovation, passion and performance. Red Paddle Co products are all made in an in-house production facility under close supervision guaranteeing nothing but the best hits the market. Red Paddle Co boards are the ultimate combination of function and form. The Red Paddle Co invests their time in their products with a close attention to detail and their customers with a full 2-Year warranty on each of their boards. As a bonus, if you purchase any of the inflatable SUPs from the 2020 range you are qualified for an extended 5-Year warranty. All you need to remember to do is register your board within three months of purchase.

The Board Basics

The 10’8” Activ is just the right size for all skill levels especially beginners; it’s an easy to paddle board that feels light yet rigid under your feet. The 34” width leaves plenty of room for open moves like Rockstar and the board is so stable you can slide into balances with confidence. And if you’re a bit fluffy in the middle that’s ok, you can start your yoga or SUP fitness journey on the Activ too, with its 265 pound weight capacity. The board has three durable and flexible integrated iFins that are short enough for shallow waters but still keep you tracking straight. Pack the 24 pound board into the included all-terrain backpack for easy transport.

LengthWidthWeightWeight Capacity
10’8”34”24 lbs265 lbs

Fin configuration: Tri-fin; fixed

Building the Board

The Activ Yoga was built with the same MSL Fusion technology Red Paddle Co uses in all of its inflatable SUP boards. This creates a durable board with increased rigidity and reduced weight. The top deck of the board is covered in an embossed EVA foam pad that provides a soft, smooth and secure grip under your hands and feet. A lotus graphic is featured in the center making this look more like a yoga mat than a paddle board. The best part of the top deck is the carrying handles. There is a grab handle at the nose and tail of the board and the two center carrying handles are located on the side of the board, instead of the typical placement in the center where they just get in the way.  An accessory mount is built-in at the nose of the board for attaching a GoPro or other SUP accessories. At the tail of the board is the high quality inflation valve and stainless steel D-ring leash attachment.

What’s Included

The Red Paddle Co accessory package comes with an insulated backpack, Titan dual chamber pump, repair kit and waterproof phone pouch. Use the Titan pump with built-in pressure gauge to inflate your board effortlessly in minutes. In case of accidents the repair kit includes two patches but you’ll have to supply the adhesive yourself. The phone pouch is a handy accessory for when you need to keep your phone dry and, well, handy.

On the Water

The 10’8” active is wide and stable enough for first time paddlers or paddlers who are looking to get more out of their all-around board. The thickness and rigidity of the board allow it to sit high above the water and feel wobble-free. In combination with the large deck pad the Activ is like a giant floating yoga mat. The deck pad offers a secure grip for hands and feet even when the board is wet, allowing you to stretch deeper into your poses with confidence.  When you’re paddling the board glides smoothly on the water and maneuvers well, the Activ is best used in flat waters but you could also try some small surf on the Activ.

Pros and Cons: An Explanation

We love almost everything about the Activ, well anything that Red Paddle Co releases, really. There is one complaint though; since this board is geared towards yogis, it would be nice to have a deck net for storing a paddle when it’s time to get into a flow.

Red Paddle Co: Activ Yoga 10’8” ReviewsWhere to Purchase Products

If you are on the hunt for a Red Paddle Co board for yourself, you’re in luck. You can purchase these amazing boards directly from the company website; from a number of retailers online and unlike many other companies, you can even find Red Paddle Co boards in select retail stores.

Last Words

It surely is nice to see a company making rider specific boards like this one designed for the paddlers who want to get more out of their SUP workouts. If you find yourself spending more time stretching on your iSUP than paddling, then the Activ is just what you need. This versatile board still performs like an all-around when you want it to but was specially designed with the yogis in mind. From the wider platform to the cleverly placed carrying handles this yoga iSUP will help you become the best version of yourself.


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