2020 iROCKER SPORT 11′

2020 iROCKER SPORT 11′

iRocker Sport


To an outsider, the 2020 Sport might seem the same as any other iRocker board, but by really taking a look as to the design and features of this board, we can see that this is an iSUP better suited for performance. So, with that being said, does the iRocker Sport live up to it’s high praise or is it just a bunch of empty hype?



  • Very fast and maneuverable board
  • Lightweight for its size
  • Premium accessories included
  • Handles well in choppy water for a board of its length
  • Durable
  • Solid Build
  • D-ring attachments
  • Multi-purpose fin box
  • Available in 2 color options
  • Includes everything you need to start paddling
  • Upgraded accessory package
  • 2 year warranty + 60 day money back guarantee
  • Free Shipping Included
  • Responsive customer service


  • Not as stable as other iRocker boards
  • High rocker brings down potential speed
  • Limited choice of colors

$10 OFF + 30% OFF ON GEAR
$50 OFF on ALL SUPs
$50 OFF on ALL SUPs
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It’s amazing what a relatively small change in design can do for an iSUP. Every square inch serves a purpose and by making even relatively minor tweaks, you can completely change the purpose and performance of a board.

LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
25 lbs
385 lbs.


There’s a number of features on the deck of the Sport that help it live up to its name, but we’ll start the features that separate the other iSUPS in the lineup. First of all, the deck pad is separated into the 2 sections for different purposes. If you’re looking for general standing or sitting, the front section is what you would expect from a normal iSUP. However, the back portion has extra padding as well as a raised place to put your back foot when you’re moving fast or when the back of the iSUP is tipped back. This allows you fly in the water without having to worry about falling off the back of the board and is usually only seen in racing boards.

Since this isn’t designed to the type of board you spend a lot of time on — like a touring or all-around board — storage space is limited compared to other iRocker iSUPS. The front has 6-point bungee storage area where you can put loose bags and equipment plus D-rings where you can clip on gear like dry bags or coolers.

Speaking of D-rings, the Sport has a total of 20. While you can use these for even more equipment, they have a variety of purposes such as towing and docking or attachment points for the included ankle leash and additional equipment such as the available kayak conversion kit.

Just about all boards have a center grab handle to help with moving around land (and this one does, too), but to have handles by both the nose and tail makes life a lot easier when moving in and out of the water. Plus, that tail handle allows you to drag the board across the beach without damaging the fins. Having a handle up front is a nice surprise since other boards with narrow noses like this one often leave out the handle altoge0ther.

Finally, toward the back of the pad there are attachment points for action mounts. These can be used for cameras and a GPS or even fishing setups. iRocker saw that some other brands were including these on their boards and decided to include the same functionality for half the price.

Board Design

This is more if a specialty board and as a result, iRocker doesn’t produce as may of these as many of their other models. As with most limited production models, your choice in color is limited to either a grey or white scheme.

The nose of the board is raised up at a higher angle than most iSUPs of this class and the purpose of this is to help with choppy waters and comes in handy with surfing as well. This is one of the reasons that you could handle waves better on this iSUP than most of similar dimensions. However, it does work against your speed somewhat on flat waters.

Perhaps has a way to counteract the negative effects on speed caused by the high rocker, the nose of has a stronger V-shape than you’ll see in other iRocker SUPs. Its purpose is to cut through flat water and reduce drag.

Finally, we can’t forget the fin setup. A 3-fin thruster setup with all 3 fins removeable is a rarity to be sure. Being able to remove all 3 fins makes life a lot easier, especially when it comes to setting up and packing the board away or even stacking multiple boards. It also plays in a role in reducing drag as well.


In the past, quality in iSUPs was defined in how many layers of PVC a board had, and iRocker was always on the higher end with 4 layers. The downside to this is added weight. Over the past few years, more and more companies have been manufacturing boards with a tougher inside which lets them use fewer layers PVC and theoretically a lighter iSUP. While that may be true in making a stronger board, the problem is that this doesn’t help with outside damage like punctures.

iRocker’s new construction this year combines the best of both worlds by using a stronger drop stitch core while still having 3 layers of military grade PVC on the outside to protect the board. This creates a strong board that can withstand the elements while still finding a way to keep the weight down. This helps to produce a board that’s both tough yet not going to weigh you down.

Included Accessories

Out of the box this iSUP comes with a super comfy backpack (with an option for adding wheels), dual chamber triple-action hand pump, carbon blend ultra-light adjustable paddle, 3 fins flip lock fins and a Sport ankle leash with a key pocket. As always, these are some of the best quality accessories you can buy for an iSUP — and they come standard!

In addition, there is a huge number of add-ons that you can purchase to really sup up your SUP! We won’t get into too deep into this since we could be here all day, but these include anchors, fishing setups and even electric air pumps. As with the rest of the iRocker philosophy, they are all high-quality yet super affordable.

Our Verdict

Despite what some might tell you, this isn’t a racing board and it isn’t one of the fastest boards on the market. However, in a lot of ways we’re glad for that. A true racing board is generally even longer and thinner than this one which makes it a one-trick pony since only the most experienced paddlers can use it for a single purpose.

The iRocker Sport is certainly faster than its peers but still is able to used for as a general purpose board as well. Keep in mind that it’s not the most stable board out there and is not recommended for beginners until they’ve gained their footing on a more standard board. Perhaps the ideal user for this board would be someone who has some experience under their belt and wants to go to the next level or someone who wants to eventually transition into a true racing iSUP.

Regardless, the 2020 iRocker Sport is an excellent choice for anyone looking to impress on the water. And while earlier models were more than adequate, this year’s model is really a step up.

$10 OFF + 30% OFF ON GEAR
$50 OFF on ALL SUPs
$50 OFF on ALL SUPs
(WORTH $129 - ONE PER BOARD) Show Less