About Boarders Guide

About boarders guide

So why Boarders Guide: I am Stuart and my wife Mckenna are avid sports fans,
water sports to be exact. We have had the opportunity to travel the world for the last 12 years SUPing and Surfing.
Killer experiences, incredible people, and locations that are mind boggling.

In 2018 we decided to develop a magazine, hence Boarders Guide. We purchased all of the most popular inflatable SUP’s (we did that because we went to places where a hard board could not go) and did the ride on all of them.
Touring, Racing, Down Wind, Recreational. We lived life on the water.
We found all the ups and downs, good and bad that each manufacture inflatable SUP’s delivered. 2019 Boarders Guide began sharing what we found. Check it out and help us carry SUP’s into the future. Welcome to all, Stuart and McKenna.