Atoll Board Co. 11’ Limited Edition Desert Sand Inflatable Paddle Board Review (iSUP Review 2020)

Co. 11’ Limited Edition Desert Sand Inflatable Paddle Board


Weighing at a solid 22 pounds, the limited edition Atoll 11’ inflatable paddle board is one of the lightest products that Atoll Boards Co. has introduced (although it is three pounds heavier than the standard Atoll Co. 11’). The inflatable has a similar size to conventional mid-range boards as it measures at 11’x 32” x 6”.

The light weight accompanied by its 32” width makes the Atoll Limited Edition 11’ iSUP an ideal board for paddlers of all skill levels, since this length is quite comfortable for anyone to sit on. You can bring along your kids or even your dog for an adventure. It does not matter if you are a professional SUP enthusiast or someone just looking to get into the sport, the Desert Sand 11’ iSUP is capable of catering all your needs.

With a perfectly streamlined body, the paddle board’s compact shape allows it to cut through wind quite easily. Its light weight also helps in smooth paddling and tracking on the water.

11’ of length on the paddle board is enough for you to load up lots of gear without having trouble turning. This length is a safe bet if you are just starting out on paddle boarding. These dimensions of the limited edition Atoll Desert Sand 11’ iSUP add to its versatility, which means the inflatable can be used for a number of paddling activities including water excursions, SUP fitness, fishing and touring.



Great Stabilization
Suitable for all skill levels
Solid Build
Great tracking performance
D-ring attachments
Multi-purpose fin box
Spacious bungee storage compartment
Grab Handle at the back
Available in 3 color options (Army Green, Light Blue, and Desert Sand)
Includes everything you need to start paddling
Upgraded accessory package
2 year warranty + 60 day money back guarantee
Responsive customer service


Neoprene carry handle cover cannot be removed
Side fins are fixed

The Limited Edition (only 100 available) Atoll Desert Sand 11’ inflatable is everything an outdoor adventurer can ask for.  Probably the fastest 32” wide inflatable paddle board in the market, this rare-find iSUP offers brilliant stabilization, making it fun and easy to paddle around.  We are going to discuss some of its key features in this review…

LengthWidthThicknessWeightWeight Capacity
11'32"6"21 lbs400 lbs

Founded in 2014, Atoll Board Co. is based in Huntington Beach, CA. The company was launched with only one goal in mind – providing outdoor adventurers such as water sports enthusiasts and paddlers with premium quality inflatable paddle boards at an affordable price.  Atoll’s line of inflatable SUPs consists of one model – their 11’, ultra lightweight, rigid iSUP. This model comes in 3 different colors -Army Green, Light Blue and the limited Desert Sand version. Our review is going to highlight its key features, construction quality, durability, tracking performance, look and feel, additional accessories and much more. If you are looking to buy any other SUP products but are unsure where to start, you can check out our in-depth reviews on several iSUPs, hardboard and SUP accessories. There are also exclusive discounts and coupons on our website; I mean who does not love a cut in costs when buying your favorite products. So stay tuned for more!


We really like how convenient the upgrades are in this limited edition paddle board from Atoll. They have incorporated all necessary features into it without going overboard. Some of these salient features are listed below:

Front bungees

Positioned in the front is a large bungee storage section which provides you with a lot of extra space. This space can be used to sore your paddling gear, dry bag, extra clothes, shoes or your water bottle.

Multiple D-rings

The versatility of the board is further increased with the heavy duty, stainless steel D-rings present on all sides of the board. There are 15 rings in total, 6 of them are located at the front, used bungees. There are 4 D-rings on either side of the board and another one, positioned at the rear end, for attaching the included safety leash. All these D-Ring attachments help in securing a kayak seat or any extra gear that you might be carrying.

Centre Carry Handle

For increased portability, there is strong center carry handle positioned on the top deck. This handle has a neoprene cover stitched on it.  The cover is super comfortable to grip and allows easy carrying of the board in and out of the water. There is definitely room for more padding on the neoprene cover; a problem that might be solved in future versions. Although a neoprene cover is a minor detail on the handle, it definitely does make a big difference. If you have ever used a conventional nylon handle for carrying your inflatable SUP, you will know surely know how uncomfortable the experience can be.

8- Inch Removable Center Fin

Atoll’s limited edition 11’ iSUP includes an innovative tool-less fin system. The larger center fin easily attached to the board with only a bolt and screw.

Hence, no tools are required for fin assembly. The fin has a compact and durable design. This helps in increasing tracking performance and rear stability of the board.  For a customized paddling experience, the fin’s position can be adjusted –forward, back or center.

2 Attached Side Fins

Around the larger center fin are two smaller but convenient side fins.  Creating a stable back end, the tri-fin system allows easy turning and pivoting of the board but this can slightly decrease the speed of the board during paddling. The tri-fin configuration adds to the versatility of the board as well.

Diamond Groove Eva Traction Pad

The top deck of the paddle board is wide enough for you to sit on comfortably. It is covered with a durable and long EVA Foam traction pad. The diamond groove on the traction pad provides you with a solid grip.

Back Grab Handle

There is an additional grab handle located near the tail of the board. This helps in pulling the board out of the water or grabbing it in case you happen to fall in the water.


Since the hand pump included in the iSUP package has a dual action mode, you can inflate your inflatable SUP to 6 PSI using this feature. Then you will have to switch to the normal mode, so that pumping all the way to 15 PSI is easier for you.  Inflating the pump to 15 PSI takes almost 7 minutes, but this time can vary depending on how fast you are pumping.

There is no need to inflate the board to 20 PSI. At 15 PSI, the stiffness of the board is exceptional and it can hold a total of 350 pounds of weight once inflated. The hand pumping action is good warm up for you as well, before you hit the waves for some SUP fitness training.

The tool-less fin system allows easy assembly of the center fin. There is no need for any tools! It might be time-consuming at first but once you get used to it, assembly becomes quick and easy.

We love the fact that the limited addition Atoll 11’ comes with a universal US fin box. This means that you can easily swap your center fin with any other one. Once the paddle board is fully inflated, you just have to insert the center fin into the fin box, adjust your paddle and attach your safety leash to the rear D-ring. After that you are good to go. This whole setup takes only 10 minutes.

The Board in Action

The best part about riding the Atoll is the tapered nose and tail. This shape increases the overall tracking speed of the board, allowing it to move swiftly through the water.

You might lose a bit of stability with the strong tapered nose but that does not cause any hindrance in the tracking performance.  Added stability is ideal if you are a beginner but that does not mean that your board is so wide that it cannot even turn and pivot on the water.

Compared to leaner 30” inflatable paddle boards, the limited edition Atoll is not as fast but despite its size, it glides quite well without losing stability. This makes it ideal for recreational paddling around ocean bays, lakes and slow rivers.

Even though there isn’t a back kick tail present on this board, it is fairly easy to pivot while paddling. We would definitely like to see a back kick tail in newer versions of this board. The tail will help with foot support and placement if introduced.

The Good and the Bad

The Atoll’s 11 is one of the most minimalistic boards we have reviewed on our website. The overall design, look and feel is very simplistic, nothing fancy. We, as paddle board enthusiasts, love simplicity. We also really admire the 15 D-ring attachments on the board, as it provides you with various securing options on the board.

The most prominent takeaways of the new Atoll Board Co.’s 11 iSUP include its super lightweight and the stabilization it offers on the water. You will really enjoy paddling the board around a nearby lake, since the paddling speed of this board is slightly better than other inflatable SUPs in the market.

In addition to the exceptional tracking performance and stability, Atoll has made some innovative changes to the accessory package included with their iSUP. The earlier versions of the accessory bundle were a little less user-friendly. We are really happy to see how both the paddle and the SUP backpack have been upgraded to meet the needs of paddlers. Being a mid-range product, Atoll has made their board value for money and you cannot get a better package at this price point.

A minor drawback that we observed was the neoprene covered grab handle. We would like to see a removable neoprene cover in newer versions. This will allow faster drying. A Velcro closure would be nice as well, so that the handle can be laid flat onto the traction pad, making it ideal for SUP fitness activities.

We also noticed some convenient features that were missing in this board. An additional grab handle and a larger bungee storage compartment at the back of the board would be really useful. A paddle holder and an action camera mount will also add to the versatile nature of the board. We would love to see this improvement in the near future, since Atoll Boards Co. never ceases to amaze us with their innovations each season.

What’s Inside

The Atoll 11’ SUP is a complete package for your SUP excursions. It includes everything required for you to begin your paddling adventures. The package consists of a useful SUP backpack, a new and improved 3-piece carbon fiber paddle, a heavy duty dual action pump, a strong 10-foot coiled SUP leash, a repair toolkit, an informative user manual, an Atoll sticker pack and an additional coupon for a free Atoll hat.


We have to admit that we were a little disappointed with a the build quality of the SUP backpack last year, however, this season Atoll Boards Co. has provided a compact and durable pack with their inflatable SUP. With a minimalistic design, the newer version of Atoll’s iSUP backpack is designed for portability and travel.

The backpack comes with a grab handle positioned at one side, as well as an open mesh storage pocket, which is ideal for storing your 3-piece carbon fiber paddle, your towel or a water bottle. The bag comes with various compression straps which can be used to make the bag more compact while it is fully packed.

Moving to the bottom of the backpack, you will find four rubber feet positioned symmetrically. This adds to the durability of the backpack, preventing any damage while it’s placed on the ground. There is also a small metal grommet at bottom, allowing excess moisture and dirt to be drained out.

Travelling has been made easy with this backpack. An additional grab handle and a see through luggage ID window make it an ideal travel partner, especially when you are planning to fly with your board.

If we look at the backside of the backpack, there is cushion padding for added comfort and two adjustable shoulder straps that have nylon webbed loops and D-ring attachments; for securing small accessories and gear to your backpack. Also having an adjustable sternum strap and a comfortable padded waist belt, the backpack’s stabilization is unquestionable.


The improved accessory bundle also comes with an upgraded carbon fiber, easy-to-assemble, 3-piece travel paddle. Compared to last year’s aluminum shaft paddle, the newer model is quite durable and sleek.
The paddle is quite easy to use. You just have to secure the pieces together by sliding them and locking them into place.
Atoll’s line of SUP accessories includes a full carbon paddle which is super compact and light-weight. With a reasonable price, the paddle has a sleek matte finish and a solid grip. The paddle has been designed for better performance and convenience.
This version of Atoll’s paddle is more secure since it has a double lock on the lower portion of the shaft. Even though the design is similar to the standard paddle, the premium quality of this paddle is visible.


A prominent feature of Atoll’s 11’ is the super-fast, heavy-duty, dual action BRAVO SUP pump. The pump efficiently inflates the board and also has a built-in pressure gauge, which is easily readable. The dual action means it pumps air into your board with both up and down strokes, which makes it faster than conventional pumps.

Ankle Leash

We really admire how Atoll Board Co. is dedicated towards providing a safe and fun experience to paddlers with their products. The Atoll’s 11’ comes with a 10-foot coiled SUP leash. The leash is quite flexible and strong. It has dual metal swivels to prevent tangling and a super-comfy neoprene ankle cuff, which has an included storage pocket, ideal for keeping your keys.

Repair Kit

For further convenience, the accessory package includes an informative user manual and a useful iSUP repair toolkit. The toolkit consists of a durable valve wrench and two colored PVC patches (in case of leaks).
To finish, Atoll also added a sticker and coupon to avail a free Atoll hat, which is a gesture of good will from the company.

Sold Separately Accessories

Furthermore, the company also manufactures a variety of paddling accessories and apparel, which can be bought additionally from their store. Even though these items are not included in the standard SUP package, you should definitely check them out.


Atoll covers their inflatable SUP with an excellent warranty — 2 years on all manufacturer defects as well as a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you want your peace of mind when buying something that’s worth almost 600 dollars, a warranty can do wonders. Don’t worry! Atoll’s 11 comes with a full, 60-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects.

Where to Get One + Limited Offers

The premium, super light-weight and affordable Limited Edition Desert Sand Atoll 11’ inflatable SUP can be ordered from the brand’s official online store. You will have to hurry though, since there is only 100 of these in stock. The good thing is there’s free shipping and no sales tax on orders outside of California.


The 2020 Atoll Limited Edition Desert Sand 11’ iSUP is one of the most unique board we have reviewed on our website. With its sleek military design, tons of features and a reasonable price, we definitely recommend you to buy this product from Atoll Board Co.  It is perfect for your recreational paddling activities!


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