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Body Glove Mariner XL


A well-known producer of quality water sport gear, Body Glove really made an impression with the ultra-stable versatile Mariner XL. Since you’re on the hunt for a customizable inflatable fishing SUP, why not consider it. The Mariner XL is waiting to impress you.


  • Unbeatable stability
  • Gorgeous design
  • Versatile
  • Completely customizable
  • Attachments for a SUP cooler
  • Multi-functional carrying handle
  • Anchor Line Guide on the nose of the board
  • Rubber nose guard
  • Included rolling travel backpack
  • Triple Layer Stringer provides durability and stiffness
  • All necessary accessories included
  • Comes with convenient added accessories


  • The amount of D-rings limits the accessories you can attach
  • Missing grab handles are inconvenient
  • No rear bungee storage system
One of the most well-known names in watersports, Body Glove has added 10 iSUP models to their ever-growing line of inflatable paddle boards for 2019. The new releases range in length from 10’ to 15’ and offer something for everyone from all-around paddle boarding to Sup fitness boards, fishing boards and so much more.

So take a moment with us to review the Body Glove Mariner XL fishing iSUP. We are going to breakdown the; features, design and build, performance in the water, the good and the bad, accessories and then some. In case you don’t feel like reading about the finer details of the Body Glove Mariner XL, we have included some videos including the unboxing and setup to save you some time.

LengthWidthThicknessWeight Capacity
9'6" 32"5" 265 lbs

The extremely stable Body Glove Mariner XL weighs only 25 pounds and is measured at 11′ x 34″ x 6″. The added stability comes from its extra width and durable construction making this board a great fit for SUP fishing.

Body Glove Mariner XL ReviewFeatures

We love the sporty orange and blue color scheme on the Mariner XL; this is a popular color combination in the world of sports. While this board lacks some of the storage space and features of other fishing iSUPs, Body Glove still made sure every SUP fisherman has just what they need to get out on the water with simplicity and ease.

Taking a look at the top deck we see an EVA foam traction pad that is comfortable under your feet and its diamond grooved traction pattern gives you a secure grip when you’re standing out on the water. If you happen to fall, which let’s face it everyone does, this thoughtful feature will provide you with a soft landing space. In the center of the board you will find the multi-functional carrying handle. Two integrated D-rings give you an extra place to attach small accessories and a Velcro strap for holding your paddle or even a water bottle for quick access.

In the center of the board along the rails are two tie-down points for a SUP cooler. Located just far enough behind you, the cooler won’t be in your way while standing and you can sit directly down and use your cooler as a seat.

Along the front of the traction pad we see two Railblaza accessory mounts that are compatible with most attachable SUP accessories, like a fishing rod holder.

Body Glove limited their storage options on the Mariner XL with the design and placement of the bungee storage system. Though, you still have enough room to store all of your necessary fishing gear like dry bag and tackle box on the nose of the XL. Body Glove used nylon straps instead of D-rings at the attachment points which can be flimsy when using tie-down straps but you can still make it work.

Body Glove conveniently placed an Anchor Line Guide at the nose of the board for when you have found the perfect spot and want to indulge in an afternoon of fishing.

On the tail of the board you see the premium inflation valve and metal D-ring for attaching your ankle leash.

Body Glove designed the Mariner XL to withstand anything you put it through. Whether you’re paddling over rocks on a lake or dragging it onto rocky beaches, the rubber bumper under the board’s nose will protect it from years of wear and tear.

Also on the underside of the board are three integrated hard plastic fins. While permanently fixed fins are not ideal for storage, the heavy-duty material adds necessary durability to the Mariner XL.

Design and Build

There are multiple ways to construct a durable iSUP and Body Glove chose a drop stitch material covered in multiple layers of PVC providing an airtight seal when your board is fully inflated. For added rigidity many iSUP board will come with a single stringer down the center of the board, the Mariner XL features Triple Layer Stringer construction to prevent your board from ever bending.

The Board in Action

The ultra-stable Mariner XL glides on top of the water like a fiberglass board does. The proven stability of this board will have you feeling confident as you move about and when the water gets rough you’ll feel secure on top of the Mariner XL.

Thanks to its versatile design this board is not just perfect for fishing. It is also great for all-around paddling and there is even room for a little one or furry friend.

The three medium fins on the Mariner XL make it an excellent board for navigating shallow waters. Outside of that though, this board has only adequate tracking performance. Switching to a larger center fin would easily solve this problem.

The Good and the Bad

SUP fishing is a new way to put a fun spin on your traditional day out casting the line. As the sport increases in popularity people are finding more ways to enjoy a SUP. Inflatable SUP fishing boards are the perfect way to travel with your new found hobby and the Body Glove Mariner XL is one of the best inflatable SUP fishing boards to get you started.

Body Glove didn’t want to limit your ways to enjoy the Mariner XL. They designed this board to be both versatile and functional through its features and accessories. They also kept style in mind with the orange and blue color scheme; the colors are fun but not obnoxious.

Body Glove went with Railblaza’s multi-functional mounting systems that are easy to use and compatible with a variety of SUP accessories. We love the endless amount of multi-functional features like the Velcro carrying handle.

Everything you need to get out on the water is included with your Mariner XL. The only accessories you need to purchase are to add to the customization of your board.

Since nothing is actually perfect, we have to point out a few things about the Mariner XL that we would change if we could. First off, every fisherman needs to carry some gear with them, so for fishing SUP the smaller bungee storage area and lack of a rear storage system is disappointing.

The Mariner XL is full of so many functional features we are wondering why there aren’t more tie down points along the rail as well as D-rings instead of nylon straps at the bungee points for attaching more accessories. It would also be nice to add some grab handles around the board for puling it in and out of the water.

What’s Inside

Body Glove made sure anyone can get started enjoying an inflatable SUP board by including all of the necessary accessories you need for your first day on the water.

Included is a 3-piece lightweight paddle, a manual pump, coiled ankle leash, an iSUP patch kit, waterproof device pouch and a rolling travel backpack to  carry it all in.

Rolling Backpack

The backpack included with the Mariner XL is step above the backpack that we saw in our review of the Body Glove Performer 11, last year. The all black bag has the Body Glove logo stamped in yellow at the top of the bag. Two roller wheels are at the bottom for when you don’t feel like wearing your pack.

Just under the logo on the front of the bag is a clear zippered storage pocket for easy access to small items or travel documents and ID. Cinch straps are included for securing everything in place once you’re all packed.

The conveniently placed heavy-duty carrying handles make it easy to grab your bag from the top, sides and bottom.

We love the breathable mesh material covering the left side of the backpack. Since the Mariner XL is constantly in and out of the water it only makes sense to design the bag to facilitate air flow to its contents.

The backpack features two padded shoulder straps, hip straps and a sternum strap that are all adjustable for preventing strain on your back and providing comfort while wearing a fully packed backpack.

The Body Glove backpack is roomy enough for all of your gear and perfectly comfortable to wear. Its clever design makes it convenient for travelling thanks to its wheels and comfortable straps. We do wish though, that the wheels were placed towards the front of the pack to avoid any contact with your lower back during longer periods of wear.


The included paddle is made from lightweight aluminum and breaks down into three pieces for travelling and storing with the Mariner XL. Assemble the shaft by sliding the two pieces together and locking them in place and then attach the durable nylon blade.


Body glove included a dual-action pump with a built-in pressure gauge for inflating the Mariner XL. The all black pump has the Body Glove logo stamped down the center of the tube and comes with a yellow flexible inflation hose. Use the pressure gauge to pump the Mariner XL to an optimal 15 PSI. The lightweight pump disassembles and fits right into the travel backpack with the rest of your gear.

Ankle Leash

All inflatable SUP boards include the use of an ankle leash for keeping your board attached to you. Body Glove used a tightly coiled leash that is super durable and won’t drag behind you in the water; they also constructed the ankle cuff from a soft comfortable neoprene fabric.

You can even stash your keys in the secret compartment located on the ankle cuff. The metal swivel joints on the leash give you freedom to move around while remaining attached to the board.

Patch Kit

Body Glove wants you to have everything you need for getting on the water with the Mariner XL and that includes a patch kit for when accidents happen. The orange plastic container is easy to see and holds two PVC patches, a valve wrench and adhesive.

Mobile Device Pouch

You can even keep your mobile devices safe in the included waterproof pouch. The clear zippered pouch is perfect for sealing your phone or Bluetooth headphones in when you’re out on the water or in case it starts to rain.


In case Body Glove sent you anything that may be defective, they cover all of their inflatable paddle boards with a one year warranty.

Where to Get One

Aside from Body Glove’s official website, you can get your very own Mariner XL from various places online such as a wide variety of sporting goods retailers and Amazon.

Click Here to Get Body Glove Mariner XL


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