PEAK 10’6” Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Peak All Around 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package


One of the biggest surprises with this board is how strong it is. It’s 6” thickness is made up of a double layer PVC body with drop-stitch construction makes sure this lasts longer than just a few weekends. However, this is a light board that’s easy to transport. Speaking of the board, it comes in with the signature wave design of the company and a choice of 4 colors.
Lastly, the accessories, though not premium by any means, are pretty respectable for a SUP in this price range. Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty and see what makes the PEAK 10’6” paddleboard tick.

  • Warranty
The PEAK inflatable all-around SUP is without a doubt one of the best budget boards on the market for those who are looking to get started in the world of paddle boarding. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a better board for a newcomer since one of the biggest issues we see is with someone getting a cheap board that is poorly made then give up because they think paddle boarding isn’t fun.
LengthWidthThicknessWeight CapacityWeight
10'6 31" 6" 18lbs300lbs

This SUP has a relatively wide deck that gives it plenty of stability. Said deck also has a giant EVA foam pad that is not only comfortable but makes sure you aren’t going anywhere once it gets wet due to its grip. The front of the board has a large bungee area so you can secure your gear while touring around.


If you’re familiar with other SUPs, the features of this board might seem par for the course. However, what you have to remember is that it isn’t so much what’s included compared to what’s included at this price that makes this board stand out

  • Bungee storage area in the front including 6 D-ring attachments
  • Back center D-ring for ankle leash
  • Center carrying handle on deck for easy transport
  • Brushed EVA foam deck pad both for comfort and stability
  • Handle on nose for pulling out of the water
  • All accessories needed to start paddling (paddle, air pump, backpack and leash)


Model Specs

 10ft 6in (L) x 31in (W) x 6in (T)
Weight: 18lbs
Capacity: 300lbs
Material: PVC

Inflates to: 12PSI

Volume: 225L

Deflated size: 35 x 14 x 9 inches

Material: Military-grade PVC, dual layer

Carry handles: 2, nose and center

Fins: 1 removable center fin

Warranty: 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee

Colors: Blue, Aqua, White, Moss

Included accessories: Carrying backpack, 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle, ankle leash, dual-action high-pressure pump, snap-in removable center fin, waterproof phone case.


Sometimes we recommend a SUP for a learner who should probably go get something else once they have the basics down. While this certainly isn’t the best board on the market, it’s not a board you’d want to just throw away, either.

For example, the board feels bigger than it is due to its width in relation to the length. You probably wouldn’t be able to take another person along with you but Fido would be just fine on the nose. For paddlers who may be on the taller or heavier side, you may want to consider the PEAK 11 Expedition since it has many of the benefits of this model but with a little more board to it.

The biggest negative would be with the paddle. Since it’s aluminum, it can be pretty heavy compared to other materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber. Also, you need to make sure that you keep it on you at all times because once it goes in the water, it’s gone.


The overall design of the board is exactly what we look for in a quality SUP. It includes a large EVA foam deck that lets you do more than just stand and paddle, so it can work out great for SUP fitness or fishing. Also, the font bungee area gives you the option to store gear like a cooler[i] or dry bag[ii]. This is useful for those who are looking to take this out for a few hours at a time.

As we would expect in most boards, PEAK used a durable PVC material that is resistant to punctures and scratches which allows you to paddle in shallower areas without worrying about a rock or branch cutting your trip short. They also use a drip-stitch construction to make sure that it will take a while before you start to get any issues along seams. It feels like a good, solid board which is one of the most important features of an inflatable.



You can take the fin off, which makes it easier to roll up and store in the provided backpack. Once it’s packed up, you really learn to appreciate the quality of that backpack since not only does it have the standard shoulder straps but it also has a waist strap. Everything together weighs about 23 pounds. While that’s not an outrageous amount of weight for a backpack, it can feel like a ton if you’re walking a long distance, which is why that extra support is appreciated.

Bottom Line


As previously mentioned, this is a decent board for most people but an outrageously good choice for beginners and those on a budget. There are a few things we would have like to have seen, such as the option to have a 3-fin setup versus just the one large fin, additional bungee storage in the back, a gear mount for a GoPro[i] or fishing rod[ii] and a lighter paddle, but we’d also like it to be gold-plated. This SUP goes above and beyond what you would expect for the price and with that in mind, we give it a high recommendation.

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