Red Paddle Co: 8’10” Whip SUP Surf Board Package

Red Paddle Co: 8’10” Whip SUP Surf Board Package


  • Extremely lightweight and compact.
  • Adjustable and removable fin.
  • Narrow tail for snappy turns.
  • Raised kick pad for control.
  • Rigid body for easy maneuverability.
  • Glides well.
  • Easy to use.
  • Wide and stable.
  • Soft deck pad with added grip.
  • Comfortable carrying handle.
  • RSS battens.


  • Leash not included.
When you really love something you want to take it with you everywhere you go, like your favorite surf board. But unless you want to fork out all kinds of money on oversized baggage fees it’s not really feasible to take your surfboard with you everywhere you go. Red Paddle Co knows the struggle is real and came up with a way around those high prices, an inflatable surfboard. The 8’10” Whip is Red Paddle Co.’s lightweight and durable travel surf iSUP that lets you leave your precious hardboard safe at home and run out to catch swells the world over.

Get to Know Red Paddle Co: 8’10” Whip

Red Paddle Co: 8’10” Whip

The Red Paddle Co, a leader in the stand-up paddle board industry, is a company driven by innovation, passion and performance. Red Paddle Co products are all made in an in-house production facility under close supervision guaranteeing nothing but the best hits the market. Red Paddle Co boards are the ultimate combination of function and form. The Red Paddle Co invests their time in their products with a close attention to detail and their customers with a full 2-Year warranty on each of their boards. As a bonus, if you purchase any of the inflatable SUPs from the 2020 range you are qualified for an extended 5-Year warranty. All you need to remember to do is register your board within three months of purchase.

The Board Basics

The 8’10” Whip weighs only 16 pounds and you can actually toss into the backpack so you can run out the door. We don’t recommend tossing your board around but it’s literally so tough it can take it. The 29” width gives this surf board plenty of stability without affecting maneuverability. The shortened nose of the Whip was designed for surfing but don’t let its length fool you, the Whip can hold riders up to 200 pounds.

LengthWidthWeightWeight Capacity
8’10”29”16 lbs200 lbs

Fin configuration: Single removable

Building the Board

The Whip was constructed from Red Paddle Co exclusive MSL Fusion technology, creating an actual featherweight bombproof surf SUP. The RSS battens provide added stiffness to the board for increased maneuverability. The rounded nose help you dive in and out of the chop as you paddle out to catch the next big break. The top of the board is covered in embossed EVA foam with a raised diamond grooved kick pad for added control and stability when turning. There is a single soft carrying handle in the center of the board for easy transport; the tail of the board holds the inflation valve and leash attachment. At the nose of the Whip we see a super handy accessory mount for attaching a GoPro. The underside holds the adjustable, removable US fin that can be easily attached using your fingers. The simple design of the Whip is pleasing to the eye and without the distracting looks you can really focus on board performance.

What’s Included

Included with the Whip is Red Paddle Co.’s exclusive just the basics accessory package. You receive an all-terrain backpack with a special foil lining for protecting your board in any temperature; the backpack also has padded straps and wheels for even easier transport. You will also receive a Titan dual chamber pump designed for fast inflation, a repair kit and waterproof phone pouch.

On the Water

The question on everyone’s mind probably is; does the Whip perform like a true surfboard? It is not hardboard so it can’t perform exactly like a surfboard but it sure is close. The portability is the main selling point of the Whip; the ability to take your love for surf wherever you go opens up a whole new world of opportunity. The next best thing about the Whip is its rigidity and maneuverability, it is stiff enough to pass as a hardboard under your feet and agile enough to move quickly and sharply through the chop. So, if you’re a veteran surfer it may take some time to adjust to this modern surf board but you will find yourself enjoying it in the end and if you’ve ever stood on a board in your life, riding the Whip is the perfect way to start.

Pros and Cons: An Explanation

The Whip is the perfect way to get your surf fix wherever you are and is also a great beginner’s surf board. The form and function of the Whip is something to be desired. The only thing we would like to see different would be the inclusion of a safety leash. It can get rough when you’re surfing and for first timers it would be nice to have this necessary feature included as a part of the whole package.

Where to Purchase Products

If you are on the hunt for a Red Paddle Co board for yourself, you’re in luck. You can purchase these amazing boards directly from the company website; from a number of retailers online and unlike many other companies, you can even find Red Paddle Co boards in select retail stores.

Last Words

Whether you’re and avid surfer or a first timer the Whip is the perfect portable platform for fun from anywhere. The board itself can take a few first time dings or some extreme wear and tear and is less likely to snap in half. If you’re just looking to practice your moves, the Whip is a strong yet forgiving surf SUP. We love the compact size and the ease of use. The Whip is a seriously fun surf SUP for riders of any age, level or size.


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