Red Paddle Co: Voyager 12’6”

Red Paddle Co: Voyager 12’6”


  • Extra room on deck.
  • Front and rear deck nets.
  • Stable and rigid.
  • Sleek design.
  • Durable lightweight construction.
  • Extra grab handles.
  • Glides well.
  • RSS battens.
  • Nose runner fin for tracking in side winds.
  • Great for longer excursions.
  • Suitable for taller and larger riders.
  • Best for more experienced riders.
  • Comfortable deck pad.


  • It would be nice to have a paddle included.
The Voyager lineup from Red Paddle Co is their selection of inflatable SUP boards designed for long excursions and perfectly tailored for taller and larger paddlers. The added rigidity and stability in this board make it the perfect platform to really go the distance. With added length and extra storage zones the voyager expands your possibility for adventure. Bring a small passenger or pet along, or all the gear you need for a camping trip with all of the extra room aboard the Voyager 12’6”. Let’s take a look at what this iSUP has to offer and what’s in it for you.

Get to Know Red Paddle Co: Voyager 12’6”

Red Paddle Co: Voyager 12’6”

The Red Paddle Co, a leader in the stand-up paddle board industry, is a company driven by innovation, passion and performance. Red Paddle Co products are all made in an in-house production facility under close supervision guaranteeing nothing but the best hits the market. Red Paddle Co boards are the ultimate combination of function and form. The Red Paddle Co invests their time in their products with a close attention to detail and their customers with a full 2-Year warranty on each of their boards. As a bonus, if you purchase any of the inflatable SUPs from the 2020 range you are qualified for an extended 5-Year warranty. All you need to remember to do is register your board within three months of purchase.

The Board Basics

The 12’6” Voyager is long and narrow with a width of 32” so balance and stability are not compromised. This model is ideal for larger and taller riders with a weight capacity of 330 lbs. Designed to withstand higher winds and cruising speeds, the tri-fin system aids in the tracking of the board. One center removable fin is surrounded by two fixed fins and a removable nose runner was also added to the Voyager to keep you balance in side winds. The size of the Voyager should not put you off though; the 24 lbs board packs up into the included all-terrain backpack for easy transport.

LengthWidthWeightWeight Capacity
12’6”32”24 lbs330 lbs

Fin configuration:Tri fin; fixed with removable center and nose runner fin

Building the Board

Red Paddle Co is known for their exclusive board construction, using MSL fusion technology to reduce the weight of the board while increasing durability and rigidity. The Voyager is one seriously rigid board, with RSS battens the board will stay stiff under any amount of pressure and will not bend or bow. The top deck is covered in a diamond grooved embossed foam pad for added traction and comfort during your rides. Things can sometimes take an unexpected turn on the water and it’s nice to know you have the comfort and security to stand tall. At the nose of the Voyager is a typical 6-point bungee deck net for securing gear or you can opt to use the extra space to carry a small passenger, and if you’ve got gear and kids to bring, the Voyager also has four extra D-ring tie down points for a rear deck net. This board was designed to be convenient in any condition, that’s why there are a plethora of grab handles on the Voyager. Three soft embroidered handles are in the center of the board, with one each at the nose and tail. Extra grab handles give you plenty of transport options, you can have a friend help carry the load or even use them as safety handles for the little hands to get  grip. The RSS or Rocker Stiffening System, unique to Red Paddle Co, allows you to slide in two metal battens into the rails of the board to increase stiffness by up to 40%.

What’s Included

When you purchase the Voyager ultimate package you receive a few necessary accessories to get you ready for paddling. An all-terrain backpack with foil lining and wheels keeps your board and accessories safe and secure in one easy to transport package. A Titan dual chamber pump is designed to cut your inflation time in half.  You also receive a repair kit with two patches and a valve tool and last but not least you will receive a waterproof phone pouch for keeping those precious accessories dry.

On the Water

The Voyager is more than a good looking touring board; its smooth glide and incredible rigidity make it a great board for touring, cruising, fishing even. Just because this particular model was designed for the larger rider doesn’t mean that paddlers of all sizes can’t enjoy it too. The stability and increased stiffness, thanks to the RSS battens, make the Voyager one incredibly easy to maneuver, confidence boosting iSUP. It takes just a few short strokes to get adjusted and settled in for a nice long ride down just about any body of water. The board as a whole is a bit too bulky for white waters but will mve speedily across flat waters. The soft deck pad keep your feet comfortably in place for the entire ride and provide a secure grip when you need to turn. The material of the board can stand p to dog claws and the variety of grab handles give peace of mind when the little ones are on board.

Pros and Cons: An Explanation

There is not much that you would be able to find about Red Paddle Co boards that is unlikable. With that being said, it would have been nice to see an included paddle and ankle leash with the “ultimate package” other than a few missing accessories, the Voyager lineup from Red Paddle Co should be your first choice in touring iSUPs.

Where to Purchase Products

If you are on the hunt for a Red Paddle Co board for yourself, you’re in luck. You can purchase these amazing boards directly from the company website; from a number of retailers online and unlike many other companies, you can even find Red Paddle Co boards in select retail stores.

Last Words

For those who take up the extra leg room and have to duck under doorways, the Voyager from Red Paddle Co could not be better suited to you. The extra-long platform leaves plenty of space for you and your gear and is also incredibly stable and balanced for taller riders. Even if you are not vertically advantaged the Voyager is an excellent board for bringing kids or pets along for long day cruises. This high quality performance platform is sure to be worth your investment.


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