Red Paddle Co: Voyager 15’ Tandem

Red Paddle Co: Voyager 15’ Tandem


The Voyager 15’0” is the company’s biggest board yet and allows you to share the adventure with your partner, friends, pets or even strangers. Increased thickness in combination with innovative technologies makes the Voyager Tandem one big bad mama. Take your lady out for a romantic sunset cruise or keep all of the room for you and your gear, any way you want it, you can have it with the Voyager Tandem 15’0”.



  • Extra room on deck.
  • Front and center deck nets.
  • Stable and rigid.
  • Sleek design.
  • Durable lightweight construction.
  • 7 grab handles.
  • Glides well.
  • Nose runner fin for tracking in side winds.
  • Great for longer excursions.
  • Suitable for taller and larger riders.
  • Best for all levels of rider.
  • Comfortable deck pad.
  • Fits up to 3 riders.
  • Two valves for fast inflation.
  • Two pumps included.
  • Integrated accessory mounts


  • No paddles included.
As paddle boarding gains popularity companies are coming up with brand new ways to enjoy the sport, like tandem boards. The Voyager range of iSUPs from Red Paddle Co were designed for adventure and speed as well as fun and they included a board big enough to share.

Get to Know Red Paddle Co: Voyager 15’ Tandem

Red Paddle Co: Voyager 15’ Tandem

The Red Paddle Co, a leader in the stand-up paddle board industry, is a company driven by innovation, passion and performance. Red Paddle Co products are all made in an in-house production facility under close supervision guaranteeing nothing but the best hits the market. Red Paddle Co boards are the ultimate combination of function and form. The Red Paddle Co invests their time in their products with a close attention to detail and their customers with a full 2-Year warranty on each of their boards. As a bonus, if you purchase any of the inflatable SUPs from the 2020 range you are qualified for an extended 5-Year warranty. All you need to remember to do is register your board within three months of purchase.

The Board Basics

The 15’ Tandem is designed to hold up the three passengers comfortably, you could try more but then you wouldn’t have much room left to paddle. The 34” wide base runs all the way to the back of the board through the squared tail providing a super stable surface to stand on. Red Paddle Co increased the thickness of the Voyager Tandem to 8 inches to preserve the buoyancy with added weight on board. The Tandem is lightweight enough at 38 lbs that one person could carry the board themselves with the help of cleverly placed carrying handles. The same fin setup is used on all Voyager models, a removable front nose runner for keeping the board tracking straight in case of side winds and two fixed tail runners with a removable center fin for touring.

LengthWidthWeightWeight Capacity
15’0”34”38.14 lbsAll weights

Fin configuration: Tri-fin+; single removable center, two fixed side fins, removable nose runner.

Building the Board

The Voyager Tandem is built from the same heavy duty MSL fusion technology as all Red Paddle Co boards. This process removes human error by machine fusing a single layer of adhesive around a drop stitch core followed by a machine laminated layer of high density PVC for a completely flawless and bombproof finish. The top deck has three traction pads; the outer sections are diamond grooved embossed EVA foam while the center is simply not diamond grooved. Two 6-point storage zones are located on the Tandem for all of the gear you and your passengers could possibly need, one at the nose of the board and one in the center traction pad. Transportation can easily be done by one person with the center carrying handle or with friends using the six additional grab handles placed along the outline of the board. At the tail of the board are two premium inflation valves for fast and easy inflation and a marine grade D-ring for attaching a safety leash. Passengers can use the D-rings used to attach the deck net for securing extra safety leashes. There are integrated accessory mounts for attaching a GoPro or fishing rod at the nose of the board as well.

What’s Included

The accessory package included with the Voyager 15’ Tandem in a plus sized version of the standard Red Paddle Co included kit. The insulated backpack is a super-sized all-terrain backpack and just as easy to transport your board and all of its accessories in. To make things easier on you and all of your riders the Voyager comes with two Titan dual chamber pumps to get you out on the water faster. A repair kit and waterproof pouch to protect your gear and accessories.

On the Water

The Voyager Tandem is a rigid and stable platform that really lets you share in adventure with friends; it’s a great way to include every rider and non-rider in the fun. The flat rocker and smooth glide really let the board cover a lot of distance in a short time. Whether it’s one person or three paddling the stability and rigidity of the Voyager allow you to go the distance with ease. You can stretch your legs and enjoy the ride while the other person paddles or store gear for a camping trip with all of the space and convenient storage on deck.

Pros and Cons: An Explanation

It would be a lie to tell you that this is the perfect tandem iSUP, so we won’t tell you that. We will tell you that the Voyager Tandem is an incredible board in all aspects but we do wish that there were paddles included.

Where to Purchase Products

If you are on the hunt for a Red Paddle Co board for yourself, you’re in luck. You can purchase these amazing boards directly from the company website; from a number of retailers online and unlike many other companies, you can even find Red Paddle Co boards in select retail stores.

Last Words

The Voyager Tandem is an exciting and fun way to bring your friends along for adventure or to just take a turn enjoying the passenger seat for once. With confidence inspiring stability and premium construction this board can really take the heat. Load up with friends and gear for a cruise down the rivers or bays on the plus-sized Voyager Tandem.


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